B&B's Sean Kanan Heads to Court

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Another soap actor faces DUI charges


Sean KananSean Kanan (ex Decan, B&B; ex AJ, GH) was charged with misdemeanor DUI (driving under the influence) and arrested on August 18, 2007 in Los Angeles.  According to reports, he was driving with a blood alcohol level substantially above the state's legal limit of .08 percent.

Kanan paid $30,000 in bail and was released. He is due in court on September 17 as a follow up to his arrest.  We have since learned that he was charged with not one, but two counts including DUI and driving with a blood alcohol level over the state's legal limit.

Soapdom has learned that this is not Kanan's first offense. In 1998, he was also charged with a DUI and was convicted in that case.   A second DUI could mean a maximum penality of one year in jail and a $1,000 fine for each count in this recent case. The minimum jail time is 96 hours.

Leave it to TMZ.com to obtain a copy of the complaint against Kanan .

Kanan may have had a lapse in judgment causing him to drive under the influence, but Soapdom can attest to his dedication and seriousness regarding acting.  “I put in a lot of work into my resume tape,” Kanan revealed in a 2005 Soapdom interview regarding a feature film he was working on at the time called "Sons of Italy."  He played a salty sea captian. “I believe that when you try out for a role, you need to be fully prepared and put your versatility as an actor to the test.”

Later in that same interview Kanan said, “I’ve always been the psychopath character.  Look at the dark side that Deacon had on The Bold and the Beautiful. I’m always that love-to-hate-character, so this will be a first.”

Kanan also played Ralph Macchio's nemesis in the 1989 movie "The Karate Kid, Part III."

Soapdom truly hopes Kanan gets his act together in real life and makes sure to designate another driver in the future.