ATWT's Webisode Spin Off, InTurn, Asks America to Vote

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Three finalists make acting debuts on ATWT starting August 28

Alex CharakHere's the big news:  Entire episodes of As the World Turns featuring the three finalists will stream free of charge on CBS's Broadband Channel Innertube during the voting period.

Additionally, in a network first, special episodes of Innertube's Inturn will air on CBS during As the World Turns!

All summer, eight struggling actors have been vying for the coveted 13-week role on As the World Turns as the Internet audience watched the drama and competition unfold on each episode of InTurn on CBS's broadband channel innertube.  Now the audience will decide who wins the acting role that could make him or her a star when the viewers cast their votes on for Alex, Geneva or Ian. The InTurn's appearances begin on As the World Turns starting Monday, August 28th.  

Geneva HymanDuring the voting period, each of the episodes of CBS's As the World Turns featuring Alex, Geneva and Ian will stream free of charge on innertube, giving viewers a second opportunity to view and judge the InTurn contestants' performances.  The episodes will post daily at 6 PM, ET.  Additionally, so that viewers can get to know the three InTurn finalists better, special episodes of InTurn featuring the final three and showing highlights from their experiences during the web-based series will be broadcast on CBS during As the World Turns throughout the week.  Viewers can also watch all of the InTurn episodes on innertube (

The voting process works as follows:

On Monday, August 28, Alex appears on As the World Turns on CBS, and voting for him opens at at 3 p.m. (ET).  Fans have 48 hours to vote on his performance.  After those 48 hours, the polls will close.  The episode will also air on innertube.  

On Wednesday, August 30, the next episode of As the World Turns featuring Geneva will air on CBS and innertube and polls open again at 3 p.m. (ET) that day, for 48 hours of voting.

Ian NovickOn Friday, September 1, the episode of As the World Turns featuring Ian will air on CBS and innertube and polls will open for 48 hours, starting at 3 p.m. (ET) for the final voting period.

On Sunday, September 3, the polls will close and fans will then be able to find out when the winner will be announced live during the following week on CBS News' THE EARLY SHOW.

The three InTurn finalists will appear alongside As the World Turns stars Alexandra Chando ("Maddie"), Elena Goode ("Jade"), Van Hansis ("Luke"), Jennifer Landon ("Gwen"), Zach Roerig ("Casey") and Jesse Lee Soffer ("Will") in a dramatic storyline taped on remote in Staten Island, N.Y.  

InTurn was conceived as a companion show to As the World Turns and is executive produced by Christopher Goutman, also executive producer of the daytime drama.

Be sure to vote for your favorite inturn.