ATWT's Paul Leydon Back in Oakdale

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How does Simon's return affect Katie and Mike?

What Will in Happen in Oakdale Now?

On January 19, 2004, the resurrection of As the World Turns's Simon Frasier, proves he isn't as dead as the people of Oakdale were led to believe.

"He was keeping Katie out of danger," shares Paul Leyden, who has returned to his signature role in a limited engagement. "Now he's come back because he can't stay away any longer. He's so crazy in love with her."

However, Simon may be in for a surprise when he learns that his beloved Katie (Terri Colombino) has tried to move on with her life with Mike Kasnoff (Mark Collier). Leyden is unfazed by the competition.

"Simon and Katie have an ultimate relationship of love and friendship," he states. "As long as he's alive and she's alive, they would do anything to work it out." 

Since leaving ATWT earlier this year, Leyden has kept himself busy in a host of projects. He guest-starred on Law and Order: SVU and Dragnet (pictured at right). But his passion is behind the camera.

"I really want to write and direct," says the actor, who's currently shopping around two feature films he's penned. "They are psychological thrillers." He's also working on a romantic comedy. "It isn't really romantic and it's not very funny. It's an anti-romantic comedy because I think they are so cheesy," Leyden declares. "I like to take a genre we're completely used to and twist it."