ATWT's Grayson McCouch Gets New Gig on SiFi

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McCouch goes high tech.

Grayson McCouch (Dusty, ATWT: Zack, Momentum)Grayson McCouch (Dusty, ATWT) Stars as Zach Shefford in the World Premiere of Momentum...

...which will be airing on the Sci Fi Channel on Saturday, July 26th at 9pm E/P.

The sneak preview...

He can stop a car in its tracks, hurl soldiers through the air without lifting a finger and bend solid steel with his thoughts. But physics professor ZACH SHEFFORD (Grayson McCouch, TV's As The World Turns, All Souls) does not consider his telekinetic talent a gift. For him it's a curse that has kept him on the run all his life, lest his secret be discovered by those who would try to control his power for their own insidious aims.

Federal Agent RAYMOND ADDISON (Academy Award-winner Louis Gossett Jr.) is such a man. In 1977, he headed "Project Momentum" to train telekinetics for the military. But when they became too powerful to control, he had them exterminated. But one of the subjects, ADRIAN GEIGER (Michael Massee, The Crow), escaped, and has been eluding Addison for years while recruiting others of his kind for a telekinetic army.

When an armored car is seized by some unseen force, propelled sideways and toppled over to be ransacked by thieves, Addison knows Geiger is behind it and again takes up the chase after more than 20 years. Having tortured the whereabouts of Geiger and his telekinetic community out of one of the bandits left for dead, Addison now needs a telekinetic to infiltrate Geiger's gang and gain his trust. He approaches Zach with a deal: be exposed to the media or help him stop Geiger.

Zach infiltrates Geiger's camp, but is instantly recognized as a spy. Rather than kill him, Geiger hopes to recruit Zach to the telekinetic cause. The charms of the alluring telekinetic TRISTEN (Nicki Aycox), plus the feeling of finally being among his own kind after years of solitude, prove tempting.

Meanwhile, FBI agents JORDAN RIPPS (Teri Hatcher) and FRANK McINTYRE (Carmen Argenziano, Hellraiser: Inferno and Jacob Carter/Selmak on Stargate: SG-1), who have been investigating the armored-car hijacking, follow Zach to Geiger.

And that's when it becomes a telekinetic tug-of-war — leading to a psychic showdown at the very complex where Project Momentum was developed. Zach must finally choose the side to be on when telekinetic war breaks out. With Tristen prepared to follow in her father's footsteps and telekinetic sleeper cells in place across the nation, the momentum is building....

The supporting cast features Zach Galligan, star of the two Gremlins features; Daniel Dae Kim, known for his recurring role as Gavin Park on Angel and as Agent Tom Baker on 24; and frequent Star Trek guest star Brad Greenquist.

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