ATWT's Anthony Herrera and Lammon Rucker

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Herrera gets poetic, and Rucker is out.

Anthony Herrera (Stenbeck, ATWT)From Poetry to Moving On...

While James Stenbeck is tormenting son Paul (Roger Howarth) over at As The World Turns, these days, his portrayer Anthony Herrera has more lofty and noble goals in mind. His website, takes an interactive approach to exposing people to poetry.

"It's all actors doing their favorite poems," said Herrera.  Featured on the site are such ATWT cast members as Peter Parros (Ben) and Napiera Danielle (Bonnie), as well as veterans like Charles Durning and the late Hume Cronyn. Herrera added, "If we ever had royalty in the United States theatre, it was Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy. And the last thing Hume Cronyn did in front of a camera was for our website."

Herrera is pleased with how this Web site can work on many levels. "What's interesting is it's fun. But it's also educational. We're heading toward making this a tool for teachers. This Web site can go on forever."

Lammon Rucker (Marshall, ATWT)As previoiusly reported, a spokesperson for As The World Turns has confirmed that Lamman Rucker (T. Marshall Travers) will exit Oakdale in "dramatic" fashion this fall - no exact airdate has been announced however.  According to the shows spokesperson, Mr. Rucker's exit is "storyline dictated."
Rucker joined As The World Turns in May 2002 in what was to have been a short-term, recurring role. Rucker's performance earned praise from fans and show execs alike and several months later he was given a contract with the show.
The character of T. Marshall Travers has seen his fair share of controversy. Marshall was involved in a "he said, she said" storyline that focused on sexual assault. The storyline became one of ATWT's most talked about storylines in recent years, but it also drew fire from some viewers who felt the storyline trivialized rape. Marshall's most recent storyline has been less divisive; he just learned that the daughter he believed to be dead is really alive.

Rucker is the second prominent African American male to be pared from the ATWT cast. Last month, it was announced that Emmy-nominated Paul Taylor (Isaac Jenkins) would be leaving the show. Rumors also have Napiera Danielle (Bonnie McKechnie) exiting the show as well. Stay tuned.