ATWT and Cady McClain (Rosanna)

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McClain remains part of the scenery.

ATWT Official Statement on McClain's Future with the Soap

According to an official statement from As The World Turns' executive producer Christopher Goutman, Cady McClain (Rosanna Cabot pictured here with ATWT co-star Hunt Block as Craig) will continue to be a "valued member of As The World Turns."
Speculation that McClain might be squeezed off the show's canvas because of budget cuts surfaced late last year. However, Goutman's statement seems to refute the idea that McClain was headed anywhere.

"As far as the show is concerned, Cady McClain is and will continue to be a valued cast member of As The World Turns," Goutman said in a statement. "Cady has brought her incredible talent to her portrayal of Rosanna, as witnessed by last year's [Outstanding Supporting Actress] Emmy nomination. Cady and her character are definitely part of future story plans."
McClain previously worked with Goutman at ABC's All My Children, where McClain played Dixie Martin for nearly 14 years and Goutman served as a director.
However, fans of McClain are still questioning McClain's future with the show. Since joining As The World Turns in April 2002, McClain has worked in a recurring capacity - or without a long-term contract. Having McClain on recurring status theoretically saves the show money since it doesn't have to guarantee the actress a certain number of shows per week. For fans, it means that McClain's photograph doesn't appear in the show's opening. Of course, the recurring McClain does appear on-screen more often than some of the show's contract players. For McClain, however, recurring status allows her the option to work as much or as little as she desires.
Some skeptics also point to a statement by the executive producer of The Young and the Restless following Heather Tom's exit that sounded much the same as what Goutman said in his statement regarding McClain. Tom subsequently left Y&R a few weeks later.

Still others question if McClain might be wooed back to All My Children. McClain's former character, Dixie, has been mentioned on the show quite often in recent months.

It is unclear if McClain could reprise her role on AMC - even temporarily to provide closure for her character and her character's family - while working on As The World Turns.  Of one thing Soapdom is certain. Many AMC fans -- called "the Holics" would like nothing better to see Dixie reunited with Tad (Michael E. Knight).  The timing couldn't be better, as Knight's Tad is at long last showing interest in not one, but two other Pine Valley women -- Simone (Terri Ivens) and Krystal (Bobbie Eakes).  A return of Dixie would certainly shake things up on AMC.