Andrea Evans Out at One Live to Live

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It was only to be short term this go round


Andrea Evans (Tina, One Life to Live)Imagine commuting 3000 miles back and forth to work.  That’s the boat that One Life to Live’s Andrea Evans (Tina) has been in since she returned to Llanview earlier this year. It’s also a big part of the reason why her current stint is soon coming to an end.

Soapdom can now confirm that Evans has taped her last scenes and is saying a fond adieu to her colleagues at One Life to Live.  But fear not.  This particular resurgence of Tina on the canvas in Llanview was only to be a short term stay from the get go, due in large part to geographic logistics.

Could she return again in the future, you betcha.

“ABC and 'One Life to Live' were thrilled to have Andrea Evans reprise the role of Tina Lord after 18 years,” said executive producer Frank Valentini.  “Her return was made possible with the understanding that it would be short term as Ms. Evans’ life, family and home are on the west coast.  OLTL did not ask that she move across the country in order for her to return to the show.”

Valentini went on to say “The character of Tina is a very important part of the OLTL canvas and when there is an opportunity to have her (Tina and Andrea) return at a future date, the show would be happy to explore it.”

As for the actress herself, she had a blast reprising the role. “I had a fabulous time bringing Tina back to the show and certainly hope that the chance to take on the role manifests itself again.”

So all you Tina fans out there, be sure to let TPTB at ABC Daytime know you’ll be missing Evans and want to see her back again soon!  Get the snail mail address here.

Address your correspondence to Mr. Frank Valentini.  

In the meantime, continue to enjoy Evans through the end of November. We are hearing that her final air date is November 25th.  The question is how will she leave town?  Once Viki (Erika Slezak) finds out that Tina was privy to all of Tess' (Bree Williamson) machinations, we gotta figure that she is not going to be very happy.  Will Viki be the reason Tina leaves Llanview?  Be sure to keep watching to find out!