AMC's Lena Leaving Pine Valley

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Heading back home and to a new job.

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Olga Sosnovska has decided to exit her groundbreaking role as Lena Kundera on All My Children. The actress is returning home to London, where she'll star in MI5, a series about the United Kingdom's defensive security intelligence agency.

"As difficult a decision as it has been, I felt compelled to take this great opportunity," she says in a statement.

Sosnovska stresses that she's leaving the show on her own accord.

"ABC and All My Children have been incredibly supportive and in no way was it their decision or intent to have me leave." 

AMC's Lena earned a legion of fans when she fell for openly gay Bianca Montgomery, establishing the popular 'Lianca' pairing. In April 2003, Sosnovska and Bianca's portrayer, Emmy nominee Eden Riegel, shared daytime's first lesbian kiss. This scene was voted by Soapdom's members as the single most momorable moment in soaps of 2003.  CLick here.

Sources close to the show say that Lena will be on the canvas for several more months, and that AMC is cooking up a dramatic departure for the character.

"I'm so excited for her, but I'm going to miss her like crazy," says Riegel of her co-star's departure. "I have so much love and respect for her as a person and as an actress. She's the epitome of grace. And of course, Lena is going to be missed by Bianca, to say the least. It was a lovely little love affair they had going."