AMC's Bids Adieu to Maxmillian Alexander

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Easy come, easy go.

AMC's Sexy Carlos on His Way Out

Maximillian Alexander (Carlos Reyes) will exit All My Children later this fall in what is being called a storyline-dictated exit.
Alexander’s exit has been the subject of rumors for several months. Within weeks of soap newcomer Alexander’s first appearance in February of this year, some Internet users were already clamoring for the role to be recast. At about the same time, the show put out a cryptic casting call for a handsome, Latino male – and the chatter surrounding Alexander’s status with the show intensified.
In recent weeks, it was revealed that Alexander’s character, Carlos, was on the run from a gang of Argentinean thugs who were out to avenge the death of Sergio, a man Carlos claimed to have killed because he was attempting to sexually assault a young woman. The gang recently landed in the United States with the hopes of tracking down Carlos. The characters of Tad and Carlos' brother Juan Pablo, a man whom Tad originally considered suspect, have now joined forces to protect Carlos from impending danger. If the storyline plays out as rumored, the efforts of Tad and Juan Pablo could prove unsuccessful. 

Romantically, Carlos was originally paired with Greenlee, but a relationship was out of the cards for her as it was too soon after Leo, her newlywed husband's death.  Shortly thereafter, Mia became enamoured with Carlos, but he was only interested in a platonic friendship with her. Currently, his brother Juan Pablo is paired with Greenlee, and Carlos is not tied to anyone romantically. His on-screen time has dwindled.
During his off time, Alexander has focused on his musical career, including a planned release of a solo album. 

Interestingly, when Alexander's role was originally cast, the spelling of his last name used the Latin choice -- Alejandro. It was soon changed to the Americanized "Alexander" without an official explanation.

Alexander is expected to make his final on-screen appearance in November. It is unclear if the role will be recast.  An AMC spokesperson had no comment.