All My Children's Denise Vasi on her new show, Single Ladies

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Denise Vasi (Racquel, SIngle Ladies; Randi, All My Children)Denise Vasi (ex Randi, All My Children) tweeted yesterday that she landed the role of Racquel on VH1's Single Ladies.  A spot opened up when Stacey Dash, who starred in season one of the hit series, announced in August that she would not be returning to the show.  It was too difficult being in Atlanta (where the show films) and having her children back in Los Angeles.  

Vasi got the opportunity to read for the role, but it was a rather long process.  "A casting sheet went out and I went in and read the first time and I was lucky enough to come back again and read a second time," Vasi shares today with EW.   But that wasn't the end of it...

"Then I read in New York and I read one more time in LA. We had a few work sessions and then I screen-tested."  She couldn't be more delighted that she got the role.

Vasi will be relocating to Atlanta to shoot the series, which begins in January and runs through May of 2012.  Single in real life, Vasi admits:  "Trust me, I've done a lot of dating.  I've got a lot of stories.  I definitely have a lot to pull from."

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