All My Children Cady McClain Fans -- She's Back

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But she could be playing an angel this time around


Cady McClain (Dixie, All My Children)Fan favorite, Cady McClain, who has won Daytime Emmy Awards for her roles as Dixie Cooney Martin on All My Children as well as her role as Rosanna Cabot on As the World Turns, heads back to Pine Valley this May 2nd to reprise the role of Dixie once again.

When she last appeared on All My Children in January 2007, McClain fell victim to a serial killer when she mistakenly ate a batch of poisioned pancakes, meant for Babe Carey Chandler.  She was rushed to the hopsital but died shortly thereafter. 

McClain's exit from All My Children came as a shock to fans, who were hoping to see Tad and Dixie, a fan favorite couple, finally find their daughter, Kate, and live happily ever after.  AMC writers did give fans a glimpse of such a reunion when McClain's ghost watched as Tad received a comforting hug from Kathy, a beautiful young girl who lives with Nurse Julia Kieffer.  It was then that Dixie realized Kathy was really her daughter, Kate.

The storyline twist of Dixie's death came not only as a surprise to fans, but to the actress herself.  However, she soon landed again in Oakdale in the role of Rosanna, but her storyline on As the World Turns this time around never quite made the mark and as a result she was released early. 

Again being available, AMC fans began to mount campaigns to convince the network they wanted her back. Their pleas have been heard before in regard to McClain's return engagements and they were heard again this time as well.

But with McClain's Dixie being killed off thanks to those drat poisioned pancakes, how will she come back from the dead?  Well, she may not.  Soapdom has learned that her return this time around could be of an angelic nature.  Does that mean with wings and all?   We will have to stay tuned and find out!

Till then we can share this: According to ABC, Dixie is back with a mission this time around which is to unite Tad with their dauthter, Kate.

As AMC fans know, Kate was stolen at birth, put up for adoption and now lives with Nurse Julia Keefer under the name of Kathy. Only Adam Chandler -- Dixie's dasterdly ex-husband and Tad's lifelong nemisis -- knows the truth that Kathy is Tad and Dixie's child.  Things will definitely be heating up on All My Children this May.

Soapdom congratulates McClain on her return to Pine Valley.