All My Children and One Life to Live ride again?

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Prospect Park LogoOn Monday, December 17, broke the story that Prospect Park, the independent production company that purchased the rights to All My Children and One Life to Live last year, was once again back in business getting these soaps back on the air online.   

Seems word leaked from unions like SAG/AFTRA and the DGA who had finally inked deals with Prospect Park.

As you can imagine, this news was met with mixed reactions among fans. After all, Prospect Park had made big promises last year, only to pull the plug in November 2011 disappointing every single All My Children and One Life to Live fan who lost their soap not once, but twice in the same year, first by ABC Daytime and then by Prospect Park. 

At first, Prospect Park was the "hero," snatching up the rights and promising full-length episodes picking up right where the ABC canceled soaps left off.  But by year's end, they too became the "villians" in this real life continuing drama, when they announced that they were suspending their efforts in this regard in large part due to stalled negotiations with the entertainment unions.  

Given last year's disappointments, Soapdom cannot blame fans for being skeptical hearing this breaking story. 

But, we can say with complete conviction, that Prospect Park and All My Children and One Life to Live are back in business.  Will the denizens of Pine Valley and Llanview pick up where they left off?  Will there be big surprises in store? We will have to wait for that to all play out, but believe me, we could be watching All My Children and One Life to Live within the next six months!  How freaking cool is that?  

In the meantime, Soapdom will keep you updated as the story develops.  For now, just know that the process has begun and gearing up for production and all that entails, is currently in the works.  

Merry Christmas, soap fans, and many blessings to Prospect Park as they embark on this exciitng venture..  Looks like 2013 is shaping up to be a great year!