ABC Daytime Airs Encore Episodes on Thanksgiving Day

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Horn of PlentyGobble gobble!  In honor of the Thanksgiving Day holiday, ABC Daytime will be airing encore episodes of All My Children. One Life to Live and General Hospital. All three soaps will be pre-empted on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

ALL MY CHILDREN #10144 (original air date 6/12/09)--In this episode Amanda goes into labor and delivers her son in Barbados.  Tad tries to find out what is really going

on with Liza and while playing darts accidentally nails her in her “pregnant” stomach.  Kendall and Zach share a close moment regarding her upcoming trial.  Annie tells Emma that she has a “guardian angel” who is going to help reunite them. ONE LIFE TO LIVE #10537 (original air date 10/9/09)--At the top of the show, Dorian, poolside, tells the press that Amelia is her fiancée and she kisses Amelia.  Matthew finds another surgeon to do his surgery.  Blair, upset about learning that Tea had a child with Todd, falls through a window.  Later, in the hospital, Blair wakes up and tells Todd that there is something she has to tell him.

GENERAL HOSPITAL #11939 (original air date 11/20/09)--Sonny and his men are nearly killed in an ambush.  Dominic saves Sonny’s life, while Jason manages to take down the rest of the men.  Jason is concerned when he realizes a homeless man may have witnessed the crime.

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