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Sonny Carly Fanfic/Alternate Reality

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 Dream or A New Life1{mospagebreak}{mospagebreak}

Jason got off the elevator after dropping Sam off.  When he approached his door he noticed a woman lying unconscious.  He checked for a pulse and was relieved to find one; he tried to nudge her awake but she didn’t move. 

Jason, “Wake up.”

Lisa felt like she was trapped under a ton of bricks; her head ached and she swore she heard a voice; she opened her eyes and saw him.

Jason, “Hey, what’s your name?”

Lisa continued to stare thinking this is impossible; he couldn’t be Jason Morgan; Jason Morgan was a character on a soap.

Jason watched the woman stare at him with confusion, “Let’s get you to a hospital.”

That caught her attention; Jason saw the immediate fear in her eyes, “its okay; why don’t I bring you inside.”

Lisa, “Where am I?”

Jason, “In front of my door.”

Lisa, “No, I mean where; what city?”

Jason frowned, “Port Charles.”

Lisa tried to sit up but felt a wave dizziness hit her; Jason picked her up with ease.

Jason, “I’ll call one of my doctors over, okay?”

Lisa nodded; nothing made sense; how did she end up in a make believe town.

Jason called a doctor and then sat next to the strange woman, “Do you know your name?”

Lisa, “It’s Lisa Smith.”

Jason, “Nice to meet you Lisa, I’m Jason Morgan.”

Lisa, “Morgan.”

Jason, “Do you know the name?”

Lisa thought quickly; she couldn’t tell him that she watched the show and that he wasn’t real, “I’ve heard of the name.”

Jason, “How?”

Lisa, “On the streets.”

Jason, “Where are you from?”

The last thing Lisa remembered was getting on a bus and handing all of her money to the man; telling him she wanted to get as far away from there as possible.

Jason, “Do you know where you’re from?”

Lisa remembered getting off the bus and a man grabbing her; she gasped.

Jason, “It’s alright; if you let me I can help you.”

Lisa, “I remember getting off a bus and someone grabbing me.”

Jason, “Did you recognize the man?”

Lisa thought I can’t tell him it was Manny; he would wonder how she knew him, “I would remember his face if I saw it, “she was trembling.

Jason pulled her into his arms and held her, “Everything will be alright.”

Lisa thought; like hell it would.

Jason called Carly needing some advice about Sam while the doctor was examining Lisa.

Lisa was scared and something else he couldn’t understand.

Carly, “I’ll help you with Sam but what’s going on?”

Jason, “I found a woman on my front door.”

Carly, “Well that’s a new one.”

Jason, “I’m serious; she was unconscious when I found her; I have a doctor looking at her now.”

Carly, “I’m coming over.”

Jason, “Wait,” but Carly didn’t hear him; she had already hung up.  Just great now he would have Carly to deal with too.

The doctor came out, “Well she seems fine though she has a slight case of amnesia.”

Jason “Is there anything I can do for her.”

The doctor, “Just keep her calm and don’t leave her alone; someone really scared her.”

Jason “Thanks.”

Carly walked in after the doctor, “Okay where is she?”

Lisa heard Carly’s voice; just great another imaginary person; she walked down the stairs.

Carly heard someone come down the stairs and turned to see a pretty woman walking down, “You must be the woman that was on Jason’s front door.”

Lisa cringed; Carly wasn’t going to like her even though Lisa admired her, “I’m sorry for causing so much trouble.”

Carly looked at the woman and felt a strange compassion for her, “It’s aright; so what should I call you?”

Lisa smiled; she really liked Carly, “Lisa would be fine.”

Carly, “Okay Lisa, do you feel like shopping?”

Lisa, “shopping?”

Carly, “From what I gather you don’t have any clothes.”

Lisa looked down at herself and realized she didn’t have anything; no purse and no extra clothes, “I didn’t think but I don’t have any money either.”

Jason, “That’s alright; it’ll be my treat.”

Lisa, “I can’t accept your money.”

Jason, “why?”

Lisa, “I’ll find a job and buy my own clothes.”

Carly was smiling; a woman with spunk she could relate with.

The phone rang and Jason went to answer it.

Carly led Lisa to the couch, “I’ve got an idea; you can work for me and I’ll buy you some clothes which will come out of your first paycheck.”
Lisa, “I don’t know.”

Carly, “Come on, you need a friend and right now I could really use a friend too.”

Lisa knew that was true especially after what Robin had done, “Okay.”

Carly, “Great.”

Jason walked over, “What’s great?”

Carly, “Lisa is going to work for me.”

Jason, “Carly the doctor said that Lisa needed to relax and stay away from stress.”

Lisa, “What the hell does the quack know what I need?”

Carly laughed, “I’m going to really like you, so Jason who called?”

Jason, “Max, there’s trouble at Sonny’s.”

Carly, “I’ll go with you.”

Jason, “Actually would you mind staying with Lisa?”

Lisa, “Now wait just a minute I don’t need a babysitter; if you don’t trust me I’ll just tag along.”

Carly grabbed Lisa’s hand, “Let’s go.”

Jason moaned as he followed them out.

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