Catch One Piece Episode 486 Soon To Launch With More Pirate Action

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One Piece has been the most exciting animated series on TV, showcasing the adventures of a seventeen-year-old lad, who’s taken up the challenge of making it through raging waters and take on powerful adversaries to emerge as the next Pirate King. Luffy’s life takes a drastic new turn when on the consumption of a certain mystical fruit, he gains enormous elastic abilities. Luffy is no ordinary guy, for he has taken up the challenge to acquire ‘One Piece’ and has a crew of pirates named the Straw Hats at his command.

The show has enraptured the viewers with an interesting plot, that encompasses weird characters with typical characteristics coming on the war front, and this entire tussle has ensued in search of ‘One Piece’. Watch One Piece 486 “The Start of the Show – Blackbeard’s Plot Revealed” when it releases, and catch up with the latest action and drama that has rocked the pirates’ world. Under the leadership of Shiryu, the Black Beard pirates will be seen arriving at Marine Ford, thus breaching its boundary. Fleet Admiral Sengoku is taken aback at the sight of Blackbeard pirates. Blackbeard’s enemy Whitebeard has also reached the Marine Ford, to counter him. One Piece in its soon to be aired 486 episode, will witness a vicious tussle between Blackbeard and Whitebeard, with the two trying to prove their superiority over the other one.

Whitebeard initially seemed to win the battle, but later on Blackbeard turned the tables in his favor, defeating Whitebeard through an ambush. You can watch One Piece episode 486 online as well, once the episode is aired. This episode will also find Whitebeard reminiscing the time spent with Roger, when he was called by the name of Gold Roger. Thus, this episode will make for an interesting watch, as the viewers will get to see a turf-war raged between two powerful opponents! One Piece in its upcoming episode 486 will witness a series of events that will catapult a chain reaction leading to occurrence of several other crucial happenings as well. The good news for the fans of this anime series is that this episode will soon be available for online viewing, once it is aired.

This clash between the titans of the sea, will surely kick-start a fresh set of events imbued with conspiracy and murky plans, in order to be the possessor of the ultimate treasure, the ‘One Piece’. One will have to wait with much anticipation, for the ripples that these happenings would send in Luffy’s life and his retaliation to them. He’ll have to watch his every step in order to actualize his lofty dreams. So, catch all the previous batches of fun, to catch Luffy’s journey, till One Piece episode 486 becomes available!