A Journey of Dragon Ball Z Episodes From TV To Theaters!

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If you watch Dragon Ball Z episodes, then it’s not a striking fact for you that it is born out of Dragon Ball franchise. Dragon Ball Z carries forward, what is really essential for being the spin-off of Dragon Ball franchise. The series presents the world of mystical martial arts, teleportation and spaceships. Dragon Ball Z and its special episodes, have everything: wit, tragedy, conflict and emotions. It is a perfect blend of past and present and perhaps this is the only reason, due to which it has covered the journey from small screen to big screen.

It is really marvelous for any series to produce its sequel, as well as its theatre versions. The most remarkable point here, is that the Dragon Ball series has more than three spin-offs and it has given birth to countless movies too. These movies reflect the popularity of the series, out of which, it has taken shape. If you are devoted to the show, and watch Dragon Ball Z online, then you should transport yourselves into the world of movies.

The first movie of the Dragon Ball franchise was Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies, which was first released in Japan in 1986 at the Toei Manga Matsuri film festival. In this movie, the main focus was on the depiction of how Goku meets with Bulma. Though this was the first series-based movie, the series-based Dragon Ball Z episodes were praised more than the movie.


The movie named ‘Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle’, ‘Mystical Adventure’, ‘Dead Zone’, ‘The World's Strongest’, ‘The Tree of Might’ and ‘Lord Slug’ are the few movies, which were released during the phase when Dragon Ball Z had been airing worldwide.  If you take a deep look at the popularity of Dragon Ball Z franchise and its episodes, then you find that the popularity meter of the series is higher than that of the movies based on it. The movies, which appeared after the finale of Dragon Ball Z, became a part of the inspiration for future movies. Those, who still watch Dragon Ball Z episodes, know that movies have been derived out of the special episodes of the series.


‘Bio-Broly’, ‘Wrath of the Dragon’ and ‘The Path to Power’ are a few movies, which grabbed the attention of viewers from all over the world. If you missed the special episodes of the series, then watch Dragon Ball Z online and explore the world of its exclusive movies. ‘The Path To Power’ is one of the movies, which was produced to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Dragon Ball franchise.  It was the thirteenth longest film of Dragon Ball Z franchise.

There are various movies which have appeared and disappeared with the course of time, but the glory of the Dragon Ball Z episodes remains high.