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  • 6 Sep 2011

    Dominic Monaghan Witnessed a FlashForward!

    In the television series FlashForward, we saw Dominic Monaghan witnessing a global flash-forward i.e. to be able to see what is going to happen in the near future.

    However, that was the world of fiction and even more bizarre things can take place in the imaginary world.

    But, recently, Dominic again witnessed a flashforward and made the thing known to the whole world.

    Now, you must be thinking that the writer is on weed, or something like that, but this news is coming straight from the horse’ mouth, err, Dominic’s mouth. Hence, the trust is merited.

    The English actor argued that most of the population in the near future most of the population will be watching all the media contents online and television sets would be catching cobwebs in the corner!

    He went ahead and said that he himself does the same thing and goes through most of the programming and other stuff on the web jungle!

    I think he has hit the bull’s eye with this one as this is sure to happen in the upcoming times and kids would certainly act proof to that because nowadays they don’t even shut down their systems when they go to sleep.

    Dominic would soon be appearing in a new film, which will be premiered online!

    Only after the broadcast over the internet will the film, named The Millionaire Tour, land on big screen.

    Well, this is what I call leading by example as well as setting an example!

    The proof of his glimpse-of-the-future can be found through loads of download that are being made by the masses. I, too, brought Flashforward on my hard drive, and yes, I downloaded it, which is to clarify that I didn’t ask for it from anyone!

    Well, Dominic, I am with you on your flashforward and I am sure my readers also feel the same.

  • 17 Aug 2011

    Dominic Monaghan Gate Crashes Orlando Bloom’s Fun!

    Using your mind can come handy sometimes. And it can be good for your health, too, if you mess it big time. But when things go haywire, simple logic evades the mind and one ends up ruining somebody else’s fun!

    Something similar happened when the trio of Orlando Bloom, Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan from your favorite show, Flashforward, went on a vacation in Thailand.

    Dominic recently reported that he, along with Billy, literally gate crashed ‘Orlando fun’ during the Thailand trip!

    He made the revelation at the Comic-Con in San Diego recently.

    Dominic stated that, while on the trip, Orlando stumbled on a petite girl and they both decided to know each other, so Orlando took her to his hotel where they were staying.

    Reading between the lines, Dominic and Billy decided to take a walk outside and do some exploration. During the exploring session, they decided to savor on some delicacy and chose spicy seafood.

    Soon after Billy had gulped a few down the throat, he started feeling unwell. His tummy started making ‘strange’ sounds.

    Smelling a rat, the duo set off for the place they inhabited with Orlando, and gate crashed his fun!

    Dominic went ahead and added that as soon as Billy started making love with the pot, the girl accompanying Orlando took flight!

    Well, Dominic, I know Billy was not in the condition to think properly but you were!

    I mean how can you forget that Billy was heading into the same room where Orlando was trying to get lucky with his woman? You could have ‘changed’ Billy’s direction!

    Well, I think the situation got the better of you and the simple logic didn’t come to you.

    And, once again, you have collected your share of lauds by letting the masses know about the incident, but guess who would be explaining things now?

    Yes, you are right – it would be Orlando as Miranda would not be very happy to listen to the bedroom trysts of her man!

    See, again, the simple logic snubbed you away!

    Well, you were not the same when I went for a watch of FlashForward online!

    I mean, what happened?

  • 22 Jul 2011

    Joseph Fiennes is Not a Small Screen Material!

    Some men are born for big things. Now, don’t think for even a moment that I am talking about Superman here. By big things, I mean that their skills can be better tapped if given a bigger platform.

    It seems that the same is the case with Joseph Fiennes.

    The actor gave a jaw dropping performance in the television series, FlashForward, and was expected to be the next big thing on the small screen, but as time withered away, the work didn’t pour in at the speed that was expected.

    Now, the masses are contemplating over what went wrong and where went wrong? I mean the actor has a big name which can pull in the crowds like anything. This gave way to the possibility that, may be, the actor has not been making his picks well.

    But, nobody is sure what exactly the matter with Joseph’s small screen career is!

    He has had a great run on the big screen with iconic hits such as Shakespeare in Love, Elizabeth, Enemy at the Gates, and Luther.

    Well, the fact behind his dwindling small screen career is that he is not exactly a small screen material!

    The power that he carries in his acting skills is better suited to the big screen rather than the small one!

    I mean it’s like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio making their way for portraying characters in a romantic comedy in a television series!

    Joseph portrayed the character of Mark Benford in the television series, FlashForward, and caught the fancy of the masses. Plenty of download was also made to catch the star in action, but everybody agreed that his potential can’t be explored to the fullest in a television series.

    I don’t know about others but I would love to see Joseph in any form; be it FlashForward, or some movie or television project, as I love him for his great acting skills!

  • 7 Jul 2011

    “Television is the New Big Screen”- Joseph Fiennes

    In a battle between the ‘big screen’ and the ‘small screen’, the former always seems to be victorious. One cannot imagine a TV actor turning down an offer to star in a large scale Hollywood movie. However, there’s one exceptional actor, who did just that, and he is Joseph Fiennes.

    The actor, most famous for his performance in the Oscar-winning movie, ‘Shakespeare in Love’, left the entire industry in shock, when he rejected a lucrative deal that followed shortly after the movie’s phenomenal success. The deal required him to sign a five-film contract with a major production house, which he surprisingly turned down!

    While that’s something that very few actors can do, Joseph explains why he couldn’t concede. He says that he loves his freedom, and can’t bear giving it up for anything. He says that he isn’t willing to chalk out a fixed path for his career for the next six months, and would rather follow his instincts and act spontaneously.

    That’s exactly what the actor’s been doing so far, as he showcased his prowess in theatre, and most recently on Flash Forward. Joseph loves being associated with television, and says that it is much more challenging than films, and teaches one how to improvise.

    He pointed towards his smart phone, saying that this is what should be called the ‘small screen’, while television, with the advent of plasma TVs and separation from clichéd concepts, is the new big screen. No wonder he’s turning down huge offers from Hollywood to keep himself associated with TV!

    If you wish to watch this actor in one of his most powerful performances ever, you can do so by tuning in to Flash Forward online.

  • 27 May 2011

    Jack Davenport Flash Forwards His Career!

    After playing one of the lead roles in American science-fiction TV series, Flash Forward, Jack Davenport had a good time playing a role in the thriller film, The Key Man. Those who are opting to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4 would miss Norrington, a role that Jack played in all the previous three installments.

    But the good news is that the actor has now landed a role in a brand new TV series called Smash. He will play the lead role of Derek in the series that is being directed by Michael Mayer and produced by Steven Spielberg. Needless to say, Jack has made a giant leap!

    Flash Forward adopted a theme and style, quite different from the horde of science-fiction stuff that we get to see on TV these days. Although the series could not move ahead to season 2, it has acquired a pretty solid fan base among the viewers. Download all the 22 installments of Flash Forward to see it for yourself.

    Now, what’s good to know is that Jack Davenport will be in the public eye through his antics in the comedy series Smash, which is said to be made in the style of Glee.

    Such inferences are being drawn from the fact that like Glee, Smash is a musical show, although it’s not known if it would put school students in the midst of scheme of things.

    The project has already become a talked-about show, what with Steven Spielberg’s name being associated with it. Just wait for its arrival, and I am sure it will make your imagination leap with excitement, something that only a handful of shows have been able to do!

  • 28 Mar 2011

    Flash Forward Star Brian Appears for the Premiere of Mildred Pierce!

    Remember Brian F. O’Byrne, the actor from popular TV series Flash Forward?

    The actor, who clinched attention with his Flash Forward role, stirred a whole lot of attention as he appeared for the premiere of his new series.

    Brian who plays an important role in upcoming mini-series, ‘Mildred Pierce’, made an exciting appearance at the premier party at the Ziegfeld Theatre on March 21, 2011.

    Clad in a formal suit, sporting closely cropped hair; Brian was the hunk, whose looks screamed for attention.

    Talking about this venture, directed by Todd Haynes, Brian would be seen sharing the screen space with Kate Winslet and Evan Rachel Wood.

    He was a regular cast of the sci-fi TV series, Flash Forward that aired twenty-two episodes.

    Flash Forward portrayed the lives of a group of people, who meet a terrible accident. This accident changed their lives forever, enabling them to have a vision of 2 minutes and 17 seconds of their life, from a future date!

    Brian’s character (Aaron Stark), who thought his daughter to be dead, sees his daughter alive in those two minutes!

    Brian seems to have a knack of selecting such roles, and Mildred Pierce’ is a much anticipated appearance of the actor.

    Hailed as Kate Winslet’s first TV appearance, ‘Mildred Pierce’ will bring Brian to the threshold of stardom, which has eluded him despite some luminous performances.

    His appearance at the premiere was noticed by the paparazzi and the bigwigs of industry, and I just wish that it leads him to bigger roles!

    Though the wonderful series Flash Forward wasn’t renewed for second season, we will see Brian, in yet another wonderful performance.

  • 17 Mar 2011

    Meet one Of the Perfect Wives of the Perfect Couples- Christine Woods!

    Christine Woods is the one actress whom we all adore as the bull-headed, strong-hearted FBI agent Janis Hawk. Even though she made us explore the tough facet of her persona in FlashForward, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t possess the caliber to play the soft, mushy kind of characters, whose hearts reflect sheer innocence.

    Yes, she can do it and we got to perceive it recently in the romantic comedy, Perfect Couples. In this sitcom, Christine portrays the character of Julia, the lady who strives to be a perfect wife to her husband.

    The show features three couples and each one of them has something to teach all of us. As they say that it takes a lot to keep the flame of romance burning in a love relationship, the series features these couples as they try to make their marriage a success.

    Julia (the character played by Christine) and Dave are one of the couples, and their specialty lies in the fact that they lead a life quite similar to that of any ordinary married couple. The fun-laden show throws light on every aspect of their relationship as they try to sail the boat of romance, amidst the complexities imposed by everyday life.

    Julia’s role is quite challenging as she is made to climb the tight-rope of marriage that is so delicate that even a bit of ignorance, can disturb the balance that she has managed to create after years of hard work.

    Well, we are hopeful that she’ll do full justice to her role, since she herself strongly believes in the institution of marriage. Her refreshing attitude and compelling performance always makes her land straight in the hearts of her followers.

    Let’s see if in this series, she succeeds in sprinkling the heart-melting particles of love as she deals with situations that make life a complete mess!

  • 9 Feb 2011

    FlashForward: A Rewind

    The book FlashForward, written by Canadian science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer, was so very well liked, that Brannon Braga and David S. Goyer decided to adapt it for a television series of the same name.

    If you happen to download FlashForward episodes on a regular basis, then you would have realized that the show not only did complete justice to the book, but in fact, also gave it reasons to be proud of itself.

    The FlashForward series, that premiered on ABC on September 24th, 2009 and went on till May 27th, 2010 revolves around a mysterious event, that occurred on October 6th 2009.

    The event caused nearly everyone on the planet to lose consciousness for two minutes and seventeen seconds simultaneously!


    During this “blackout”, people see visions of their lives on April 29th, 2010!


    Catch the FlashForward full episodes online and witness this unexpectedly surprising mystery, which is sure to keep you entwined in it, even hours after you have completed watching it.

    During its last season, it showed a few more than extraordinary episodes, which fetched quite a few brownie points for the show.

    For instance, take this one episode into account – it would not be difficult to remember that one, because it was all about the MOSAIC investigations and the details of Mark’s FlashForward being questioned by a senate intelligence committee.

    Olivia receives an anonymous text, telling her that Mark was drinking in his FlashForward, and on the other hand, Mark, Weddeck, Demetri & Co and Janis are attacked by unknown assailants simultaneously.

    You would catch all this, if you watch FlashForward season 1, episode 5 online.

    This is an amazing show, which not only exceeded the expectations of the viewers, but also managed to surprise people quite a few times, regardless of whether it was the series end or series beginning.

    Catch FlashForward season 1 online, if you are a mystery buff and enjoy raking your brains while trying to figure out what will happen next!

  • 27 Jan 2011

    How About Joseph Fiennes Holding A Sword?

    Don’t worry guys as Joseph Fiennes will not hold a sword to compel fans to catch FlashForward episodes because he does not need to do that. The fans of FlashForward always remain eager to watch the episodes of the show. Now, you must be wondering to know why Fiennes will hold a sword in his hand. Well, he will do so for his new show, Camelot.

    Joseph Fiennes - watch FlashForward episodes online

    Joseph Fiennes

    The show has been in news from quite some time and finally viewers will be able to catch it on Starz. It will definitely be a treat for the die-hard fans of Fiennes, who get FlashForward download to enjoy his performance.

    Fiennes has revealed more details about his character on the show. Today, I have taken the task to make you acquainted with the interesting saga of Camelot and Fiennes’ character, Merlin.

    Firstly, let’s know what Joseph has said, “Merlin is sort of Machiavellian in his architectural bring-about of this young king (Arthur). He walks with a very dark shadow as well.”

    I must advise all the fans of Fiennes, who simply love to catch FlashForward online, to watch this new show as well. Although Fiennes doesn’t play the lead character, his role appears very strong and exciting!

    The main character, Arthur, will be played by Jamie Campbell Bower of Twilight Saga. The interesting character of his half sister will be played by Eva Green, who will try all filthy measures to seize the throne.

    Our adorable star of FlashForward TV show, Fiennes will share a villainous kind of relationship with Eva’s character on the show. It has also been said that the show will be darker than the expectation of anyone.

    Let’s know what Fiennes has said about his on-screen chemistry with Eva, “There’s great chemistry… It’s essentially good and bad, but you realise where her evil roots stem from.”

    Well, my excitement to watch Camelot has increased after knowing all this about the show and its characters.

    Viewers must give a try to the show. To enjoy a show, which is already a proven entertainer, you may watch FlashForward episodes online here.

  • 17 Jan 2011

    Robert J. Sawyer Talks About Creation Of FlashForward

    Download FlashForward, before I take you on a voyage of the show.

    Today, I’m going to talk about a man, who also had a hand in the creation of this highly-creative show.

    I’m talking about Robert J. Sawyer.

    Robert J. Sawyer - watch FlashForward episodes online

    Robert J. Sawyer

    You might not be aware that he has written a novel titled ‘FlashForward’!

    The concept of the show has been taken from this very novel, and Robert was very excited about adaptation of his story into a show.

    He had faith in the show, and it’s all because of the creativity of the show, that viewers still catch FlashForward episodes online.

    Robert shared that he appreciated the producers of the show, for adapting his work for the TV. This is what he had to say, “I had a wonderful meeting in Los Angeles with [executive producers] David Goyer, Brannon Braga and Jessika Goyer early on in 2007, where we talked about what should be retained, what should be dropped, what should be changed.”

    It truly shows the efforts behind the show and we must say that their hard work didn’t go for a toss, because the curiosity of the fans to watch FlashForward online is still sky high! They love the distinctive concept of the show.

    It is mainly Robert’s mind behind the creative idea of the story and he was the one who wrote his thoughts into his novel, which was later converted into a show.

    Robert had high hopes from the show, but unfortunately, it died after the very first season. This must be disheartening for him, as well as the cast and crew of the show.

    Nobody anticipated that the FlashForward TV series would have had such a short life!

    But I’m confused!
    Viewers loved the show and even carried out massive protests for its continual and re-run; then why was it cancelled?

    Sources say that it was the poor ratings!


    Well, whatever be the reason, all we know is that we all lost a show that we loved. Now, the only choice left for us it to watch FlashForward episodes online.

    But I do think that Robert would be very happy to see the love of the fans for his show, because they are truly appreciating his work.



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