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GL: Goeshen revisted

Discussion started by sweetd , on 16 June 06:17 PM
Cyrus Foley finds himself drunk and behind the wheel of a car after being run out of town by the residents of Springfield for the hearts he’s broken, con’s he’s played, and most of all the support he’s giving to Tammy’s killer. Now far from Springfield and coming to the bottom of the booze bottle, a severe thunderstorm rolls up out of nowhere. Cyrus finds himself isolated and alone in the dark with nothing but open road ahead of him so he puts his foot on the gas. Speeding forward the lightning begins to flash and crash around him. Out of the corner of his eye his mind tells him he sees a horse drawn buggy up ahead. Cyrus puts the image out of his mind and continues to move forward through the rain that looks like sheets of glass. Each flash of lightning the image of the dark buggy being drawn by two dark horses appears more real, but he still doesn’t believe the strange vision is real.
Finally, the biggest boom and long bright flash of thunder and lightning reveals the horse drawn buggy is real, but is it too late for the riders and Cyrus. He is just feet from the back of the buggy he swerves, frantically trying to avoid the curious sighting.
As most summer thunder storms the morning offers blue skies and sunshine. Cyrus’ head is foggier than the night before partially from the alcohol and partially from the wreck. Confused Cyrus can’t make heads or tails of the quiet, old fashioned people he is surrounded by. They are caring and praying. Little is said giving Cyrus time to take in his surroundings. It’s old fashioned looking, the people and house or building where he is being cared for. He is obviously injured, but their aren’t any signs of modern medicine or technology. There is no electricity or running water. The men all have long beards and wear straw hats, the women in bonnets and aprons. He asks questions, but gets little or no answers explaining where he is.
The hours drag on feeling like days his only hint of time is the rising and setting of the sun. Women come in shifts to sit with him and take care of his injuries. The food is simple, close to the earth, almost tasteless.
On the third day he hears a sound from outside the house he is being kept, laughter, something he hasn’t heard since arriving in this strange village. Barely able to lift his body he sees a young blonde girl smiling and shooting marbles with children that are dressed just like the adults in this community. He watches her until she leaves the children to their game and enters the house.
The girl is bright, beautiful, bubbly unlike anyone he has seen since the wreck. She chats, talking about the outside world. Cyrus figures out she is from this outside world and fires questions off. The girl, actually young lady, tells him her name is Mary. She promises to answer all his questions when he is better. Cyrus begs for her to answer just one very important question for him now. Mary agrees.
“How far am I from Springfield?” Mary’s demeanor changes. A look of terror graces her face and she makes a hasty exit. Cyrus is more confused than ever. Left alone with his thoughts, pain, and bewilderment one thing nags at Cyrus. He has seen Mary’s face before, but where. He had certainly never met anyone like these people so how could he have seen her before.
Mary didn’t return while Cyrus continued to heal, though he asked each day for her. The identity of Mary and where he had seen her before began to plague Cyrus more than the strange place he found himself after the accident. When Cyrus was well enough to stand on his own he would stare out the window of the small room he now felt was a prison not healing house. One sunny afternoon after a couple weeks of recuperating Cyrus heard a familiar sound, a car. He realized since the accident he had not heard or seen an automobile. That would explain the horse and buggy he thought.
The car pulled up to a farm house in the distance. He strained to see the occupant of the car but before he could catch a clear glimpse of the outsider, he saw Mary run from a barn farther in the distance and run into the arms of the outsider. It was a dark headed man. Stumbling behind the man a toddler ran towards Mary and the outsider. Mary scooped the child up with love. They entered the farm house and didn’t reappear, until late into the night. At some early morning hours before dawn Cyrus lie awake listening to the silence and again the familiar sound of an engine and gravel popping under tires broke the silence. He moved as quickly as he could to get himself to the window to see another car was coming up the long driveway. With the silence of the night Cyrus could now make out voices as a woman exited the new car, greeting Mary and the man who had joined her earlier. This time Cyrus recognized the voice that called out to “Tammy” and “Jonathan”
Cyrus became flush with the reality of what his mind was putting together. Could it be Tammy, the Tammy that his little brother killed. Mary walked with her guest so their conversation didn’t disturb the sleeping residents of the houses. The three walked arm in arm but spoke seriously. As the voices and bodies drew closer Cyrus heard his name mentioned over and over by the woman.
Cyrus found his heart was beating so loud he could barely hear the voices that were getting closer. He stood with his back to the wall, fearing being seen, although it was pitch dark in the room. The woman, Mary, and man walked with flashlights. A quick glance out the window, revealed he knew the woman. It was Reva Lewis. The man, Jonathan, the wayward son of Reva, and the familiar Mary. It is Tammy. Tammy Winslow. Cyrus’ mind was racing he didn’t know what was up or down or more importantly why were they here and what would come of him.
Fumbling of the lock on the front door of the house where Cyrus was being kept startled him. He rushed back to his bed, pretending to be asleep. Now in a cold sweat Cyrus heard Reva telling the younger kids “No! You let me handle this. I know Cyrus and I have a little experience getting men to do what I want” She said with certainly but chuckled at the end as if to make the situation not seem so bad for Mary, or Tammy and Jonathan. Jonathan promised to be right there on the other side of the door if Cyrus tried anything. He was angry but trying to keep his anger in check. The door closed, heavy and the silence was deafening until Reva began to walk across the wooden floors.
Standing in the doorway Reva shined her flashlight in Cyrus’ face barking for him to wake up and calling him by name. Cyrus pretended to be dazed but Reva saw through his act. Cyrus’ fear disappeared when he saw the familiar face. He could tell Reva meant business but his excitement and relief to see someone he knew took hold of him. Cyrus began stuttering over his own words trying to spit out one question after another.
Reva pulled a bottle of whiskey from her large bag she carried with her. She took a long drink then offered the bottle to Cyrus when he stopped talking and stared at her like a lost boy. After a couple of pulls from the bottle and long moments of staring, Reva grinned. She was scared he could tell so Cyrus broke the ice by asking nervously and hopefully. “Is that Tammy Winslow?”
Reva’s grin got wider and she began telling a story about her. It didn’t make sense at first until Reva began to describe the simple, wholesome community she accidentally found herself living after an accident. A religious community. Cyrus’ mind began to remember a similar story Alex told him one evening about her brother. Reva went on with her story, explaining how it was Alan that found her when he passed her riding in a horse and buggy. Reva had been a resident of this very community.
Cyrus listened trying to make all of the random facts and pieces fit. Reva began to speak of the recent past. Lizzie Spaulding getting pregnant, Jonathan was the father, Tammy and Jonathan’s love and future they hoped to have. Everyone in town tried to make the best of what they had been given but the birth of Sarah raised the stakes and everyone, especially Alan was out of control. The accident out on Mill Road was the final straw. Reva and Jonathan decided the day Tammy awoke, death was the only escape and chance of safety because Alan would not stop until they were all dead.
Alan had contacts everywhere in the world. Everywhere except a place that was isolated with no contact to the outside world and didn’t allow outsiders in. This was the only place Tammy would be safe. Cyrus sat upright hanging on every word, his mouth hanging open in shock. Reva went on, in the middle of the night Jonathan slipped Tammy out of the hospital through the morgue and brought her here. Now that Tammy was presumed dead Jonathan and Sarah were all that was left. Of course Cyrus knows the story from there. The agreement was, Reva explains, Jonathan and Sarah would stay on the run and under the radar for two years then he would reunite with Tammy here. They would live here for a few months to ensure no one was on their trail, then they were going to Montana where they would live out their lives.
“Now, what are we going to do with you?” she asked firm but began to choke up as she went on “You know our secret. A secret that can destroy lives.” She was weeping as she begged “You can do the right thing for once in your life Cyrus Foley and leave town and never return to Springfield or tell anyone about what you have found.” Reva sucked in her tears and pain becoming strong and confident “Or I can let my son, the one your brother intended to murder, come in here and make sure you are never a thorn in anyone’s side again.” stammering still in shock all Cyrus could mutter was “Reva, Reva…..”
There was pounding at the door and Jonathan yelled in for Reva. “What’s it going to be Cyrus?” With his distinct accent Cyrus asked “But my brother….?”
“You save my family and I will save yours, and your life” the banging became more rapid and the anger in Jonathan’s booming voice was growing. “Anything! I would never do anything to place someone’s life in jeopardy but my brother, he is going to be tried and persecuted for a murder he did not commit.”
“You have my word, I will keep your brother from going to prison. You are going to leave here tonight with Jonathan. Sarah is going to stay here with Tammy until we know the coast is clear. You are going to ride out of here in the trunk of Jonathan’s car so you can never direct anyone back here. You will live with Jon until I can manage to get your brother off. I will bring “G” to you and you two will leave the country, never come back to Springfield or the US, and never have any contact with anyone from Springfield. Do we have a deal?”
“Yes, Reva, you have my word. Bring my brother to me and I will keep your secret.”
“Now get dressed you are leaving now. Oh! And Cyrus don’t anger Jonathan he’s not right” Reva chuckled and joined Jonathan and Tammy outside the door.
As Jonathan closed the trunk of his car, minutes later, with Cyrus inside; the last thing he saw was Reva waving good-bye with her arm around Tammy who held Sarah on her hip.
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