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Lessons to Learn from Two of Daytime’s Hottest Style Icons


Arianne Zucker, (Nicole, There is always some kind of exciting charity event or party for us soap stars to attend, and regardless of the occasion, most of our daytime stars sport a cool Young Hollywood style to which they each add their own unique twist.  I love to find inspiration and ideas from actors whose personal sense of style has really caught my eye.

One of my favorite dressed actors this month is Darin Brooks (Max Brady on NBC’s “Days of our Lives”). Darin has a great edge to his classic style that makes him a stand out. He can dress up a pair of jeans like no one’s business!

One of Darin’s signature looks is the classic menswear ensemble of a white button down shirt with a black blazer and black boots.  It’s clean, classic, chic and perfect for dinner with friends or red carpet premiere. What I love most about Darin’s style is his selection of hats, especially Fedora’s, that give his outfits a fresh take on a classic look.  While hats used to be an everyday occurrence for men when dressing to go out, most guys nowadays can’t think past the baseball cap.  Proving that hats are a simple way to make a man look ultra chic without even trying, Darin’s selection of headwear really adds distinction and personality to his wardrobe and turns a simple outfit into a one-of-a-kind look when he struts his stuff on the red carpet.

Don’t you just love a rugged, masculine man who knows how to look glamorous? I love that Bogart-esque, 40’s feel that is not only classic, but the perfect combination of old and new that Darrin’s style emulates perfectly.  When he styles it up, he is definitely someone you want to look twice at….o.k. maybe three times. Button vests with a great fitting shirt, tie and jacket are a must. This combination gives a man great shape in the shoulders and waist and accentuates his build. If you don’t know where to shop for your man, take one of these photos with you into your favorite men’s store and you will be good to go! 
Darin Brooks (Max, Days of our Lives) To get Darin’s look shop for:

*Dark jeans
*Crisp white button down shirt
*Well tailored blazer
*Stylish hat – Fedora’s are a no-fail purchase
*Fitted vest and tie

My other latest fashion crush?  Farah Fath (Gigi Morasco on “One Life to Live,” formerly Mimi Lockhart on “Days of our Lives”).  Farah is no nonsense when it comes to fashion – a sophisticated beauty, she exudes style that is very sexy and vivacious. At the Soapnet’s “Night Before the 2008 Daytime Emmy Awards,” Farah was wearing one of my favorite outfits of the evening -- A high-waisted pencil skirt dress that gives her such a long line and accents all the right curves.  This look has survived the test of time and will never go out of style. Whatever height or body type you are, a sleek pencil skirt can give your body an amazing silhouette.  The kind of style that Farah has embraced exudes class and grace and will stop traffic when you hit the street.  A master at a great fit and great lines, Farah proves that sophisticated simplicity is sexier than revealing a lot of skin.

Another feature of Farah’s look which I must point out are her HOT shoes!! The simplest and most important factor to completing an outfit is shoes. The sexier the shoes, the higher the sizzle factor, as any “Sex in the City” fan can attest. With this ensemble, Farah added a shoe with a lot of height and a bit of color and texture, and boy, are they gorgeous. Brand name doesn’t matter, you can find great shoes for any budget – online stores like Zappos are a great resource as are discount stores such as DSW. 

Farah Fath (Gigi, One Life to Live)Farah Fath (Gigi, One Life to Live)To get Farah’s look, shop for:

Do’s + Don’ts

In fashion, there are a lot of do’s and don’ts. But really it all comes down to this -- DO wear the things that make you feel most comfortable and accentuate your best assets (although if you have a lot of assests to choose from, focus on one or two at a time). You are unique and your style should reflect that.

DON’T wear things that you hesitate buying or wearing the second you put it on. If you are second guessing yourself, so will everyone else.  Confidence is Style!  Fashion is constantly changing and so are you, so pick things that reflect your personality and who you want to be in the moment.  There’s always tomorrow!

Thanks to Darin and Farah for setting such wonderful fashion examples for all of us!  Happy Strutting!!

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