Soapdom says: Become the soap opera star you’ve always dreamed about!


Nadia Bjorlin (Chole, Days of our Lives)Female soap opera stars are forever sought after by the public for their cosmetics, hairstyles and fashion sense. Like all of us in soapdom know, for some stars, taste in fashion may actually encompass three different personalities, which calls for three separate fashion styles. Picture the scenario of the "evil twin," only in real life, where the same person exemplifies a number of different personas.

For example, the main personality likes the daintier part of fashion, choosing somethng like a turquoise satin tank top and subtle accessories, including the lighter side of jewelry. Her snakeskin pumps add a hint of jazz, but her handbag is as simple as her accessories.

It's an explosion of glittering fashions and accoutrements that certainly wow the crowds!

Soap Opera Stars Love to Razzle Dazzle

This personality is a girly girl. She attends plenty of upscale functions, which call for elegant gowns and classy accessories. The gowns emulate the Hollywood glam of the past where clothing was a close fit to form an hourglass figure. For example, her soft gold-colored gown is offset by simple pearl and gold earrings, a flashy gold ring, soft gold-colored open-toed heels, and a white clutch with gold and silver stones.

The other two personalities are in stark contrast to the girly girl. They wear darker clothes and earthy colours. A favorite piece of clothing is the black trench coat. One of them also wears black glasses. Their heels are harsh looking, but stylish. They've definitely inherited the girly girl's utmost sense for fashion; however, the alter egos exist in the darker side of life and hence, so do their fashion.

Hair Styles: Coiffures of Note!

Soap stars are also admired for their hairstyles. Especially popular now are the pieces to create a variety of styles and cuts. Women are using these hair weaves instead of going through cuts and permanents. Hairstyles move through trends, and currently, the trend is winter styles. Also trending is the feather cut for longer hair, even though the style originated in the 1970s. It has gone through some minor changes. One detail to look for is which style fits the shape of the face best. There are many types of styles – the chic and party styles, the feather cut for long hair, the cute winter cuts and the hair weaves. There are also the simple styles like the brush and go type. Many of the simple styles have the ability to attract the opposite sex.

Some women are into twisting the hair for a certain kind of look. They may twist just part of the hair and pull it behind their heads in a single ponytail. Or, they might twist parts of the hair and then, weave them all together for a polished look. Still, some prefer the Boho style, which is for flirtations and romantic evenings. Whatever the style, soap opera stars have impeccable hair.

Cosmetics are the Finishing Touch!

Cosmetics are applied by professional cosmetologists, the best in the business. They're using the best products, too, like Vincent Longo and Shiseido. Soap opera stars need makeup that lasts for hours. It can't fade or smudge. Drugstore brands, such as Wet n' Wild or even the LA brand, must be avoided. The makeup is thick on the face of soap opera stars. This technique is called spackling. High definition television is to thank for the heavier makeup. It seems every line or flaw is apparent on HD. The type of cosmetics are available at major department stores for everyone to purchase whether they want to look like a star while playing at Big Brother Bingo or they're out for an elegant evening on the town with the ladies!


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