OLTL's Catherine Hickland's New How-To Video

Not only has Hickland done it again, she shows us how, too!

OLTL’s Catherine Hickland Shares Beauty Secrets on Video and DVD

When One Life to Live’s Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) sets her mind to do something, not only does she do it, she does it big. Several years ago, she dreamed of singing on Broadway. She coached and trained and auditioned and after a call back, landed the much sought after role of Fantine in Les Miserables. All this while still starring in front burner storylines on ABC daytime! With her singing in full swing, she launched a cabaret act and sang at several clubs in New York and at Super Soap Weekend. She produced a CD of her music and sold it online and in stores. Real life husband and star of All My Children, Michael E. Knight (Tad) said that he could not be more proud of her work and achievement with the CD.

As her acting and music career continued to soar, however, Hickland was still unfulfilled. One of her all time biggest desires was to share her knowledge of beauty and make up. A little known fact about Hickland is that one of the very first jobs she held in the entertainment industry was as a make-up artist. She continues to do her own make up on One Life to Live today. All this experience combined to make her Soap Opera Digest’s Product Queen. Not long after she landed her monthly column in Digest, she launched her own line of high-end, professional quality, make up, brushes and skin care, Cat Cosmetics.

Still, she was not satisfied. What good was having a line of fantastic make up, if all us potentially gorgeous beauties out there didn’t really know the first thing about how to professionally apply it?

Comes the dawn for Cat. A how-to video (in DVD and VHS cassette) called “Simply Gorgeous” that takes you step-by-step through her 8-minute make over.

“I was inspired to do a makeover video because during the course of my
teaching classes, I realized that though most women know the bare basics, they
didn't know how to ratchet their skills up to the next level to make themselves
drop dead gorgeous in just a few minutes,” Hickland says. “It's all technique and all people need is to be shown how to do it, and what it does.”

Not to mention how easy Hickland makes it. “These are the techniques I
created in the beginning of my quest to make my own face more unique, clean
fresh and sexy looking, no matter what my age. It is easy once you are taught,
then you can do a variation on that technique,” she says.

And don’t worry if you botch things up at first. “Making mistakes can create new and exciting looks,” she insists. “For example, ‘The Smokey Eye’ was probably born out of someone making a mistake smudging their eye pencil, and voila! There it was. ‘The Smokey Eye’ rocks because it looks great on just about everyone!”

But Hickland works a full time day job as the manipulative, ever scheming yet vulnerable Lindsay Rappaport on One Life to Live, and runs the successful Cat Cosmetics in her off hours. How did she find the time to shoot a how-to video?

“I MADE the time,” she says emphatically. “Believe me, I have no time. But when you have a goal, (and everyone should have those, whether they are personal or
professional) you have to get on a course and stay on it. Focus. I was also that way when I decided to lose weight and change my body shape. Even if you make little teeny baby steps every single day, as long as you make a move in SOME direction towards that goal, you'll feel good about yourself and the goal WILL happen!”

Like everything the upbeat and forever positive Hickland embarks upon, shooting the video was a well-orchestrated endeavor.

“A typical production day was being prepared with a story board,” Hickland shares. A storyboard is an artist’s rendering of exactly what shots and scenes will be covered that day.

“I hired a great producer and she hired a great line producer so we were extremely organized. We shot two days of 14 hours. It was hard, but it was fun.”

Her favorite parts of shooting the video were the ambush makeovers they did at the Paramus Mall in New Jersey. “I LOVE making unsuspecting people over, it is so much fun to show someone what they COULD look like with just the right tools and color and technique.”

Although Hickland has her own cosmetics line, she does not hawk purchasing her products much – if not at all – in this video. This is all about giving YOU the ability to make yourself feel good about yourself, no matter what brand of make up you choose.

“‘Simply Gorgeous’ will give you personal power to create the way you
want to look every single day -- your BEST,” affirms Hickland. “It is fun and entertaining and if you get stuck you can go back and look at it as many times as you need to until you get it. It's a great way to learn without the pressures and hassles of being in a store where someone is just trying to sell you stuff you don't need.”

“Feeling good about yourself is a state of mind,” continues Hickland. “It's all about perspective. The way you look at yourself colors your entire being. Dr. Wayne Dyer said it best: ‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’ and it's true.”

“Please take the 8 minutes everyday to put a little face on,” says Hickland. “It will make you feel so much better when you catch sight of yourself in a mirror and also, people will say, ‘hey, you look GREAT today!’ and I swear it seems to release that feel-good thing in your brain. For although we shouldn't put too much importance on what others think, we should always want to do our best for ourselves. Love and be gentle with yourself today, and everyday. And remember that I Love you!”

We love you, too, Cat! Your 8-minute make over rocks!

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