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 hspace=10 mce_tsrc=We Could All Learn a Little Lesson About Being “Two Faced!”


Get Your Copy of “Two Faced: Confessions of a Soap Opera Make Up Artist” and Get 20% Off the Cover Price. Read on…

In the years that they have graced our television sets Monday thru Friday, our beloved ladies of daytime have one thing in common –“no not how many times they have been married!” They all look fabulous, day in and day out.  They have a glow. Their make up looks perfect even when they are in a coma!

Up to this point, the man behind most of their comatose glamour girl looks has been unknown.  Until now…

Ladies meet Timothy Alan, a soap opera makeup artist with over 20 years experience in the business!  Better yet, let me introduce you to his new book (which will become your lifelong companion). “Two Faced: Confessions of a Soap Opera Make Up Artist.” This book takes all the mystery out of make up application and coaxes you out of your comfort zone of clear mascara and dare we say powder blue eye shadow! Not only that, Alan interviews several of daytime’s most striking beauties including Hilary B. Smith (Nora from OLTL), Eva La Rue (ex Maria, AMC), Jade Harlow (ex Jessica from Passions) and Crystal Chappell (Olivia, GL) just to name a few. 

As Alan shares his trade secrets, he also exposes the actresses hearts.  The interviews are candid and have so much warmth to them, from asking who the best on screen kisser is, to what they feel is missing in the world today. The book gives you the feeling that with each interview you are talking to your best girlfriend.  Alan digs deeper with each question, but keeps the tone light-hearted, making you feel like it is coffee talk time.

 hspace=10 mce_tsrc=Alan segments each interview with tongue-in-cheek instructions that are cute, but life lessons all at the same time. Alan holds your hand thru each step, from cleansing your skin to false eyelash application, nothing gets by him! His take on plastic surgery is non judgmental but honest: “Should I or shouldn’t I all depends on what procedure… if you want an eye lift to recapture your husbands wondering gaze then your problem can’t be solved in the OR, but if that bump on your nose has always left you with your nose out of joint, then maybe a date with the scalpel is worth it.”  

I think the best part of this book (and believe me it is hard to decide on just one) is the fact that Alan infuses such heart and soul into his writing that you almost forget it is a beauty book and not a life lesson guide! With colorful sketches by “Age” and sumptuous photographs from Robert Milazzo that would make Botticelli jealous, the book takes on a second life and becomes a work of art.                 

“Two-Faced” goes so much further than just skin deep. With his charming disposition, lively commentary and stellar interviews, Alan takes the mystery out of make up application and adds a heart to another wise cold business by donating a portion of the proceeds to Gilda’s Club.

Lesson learned: we all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but lets’ face it.  A little make-up never hurt anyone! And now we know what to get our soap fan friends for the holidays! Check out TimAlan.net for more information on Timothy Alan and to purchase his book go to DramaQueenStyle.com (all books on Drama Queen Style have been signed by Timothy Alan). Use coupon code SOAPDOM for a 20% discount.  Find Two Faced in the Gifts Section at DramaQueenStyle.com

 hspace=10 mce_tsrc=Complete list of Daytime Beauties Featured in “Two-Faced”

Hillary B Smith (Nora, OLTL)
Stephanie Gatschet (Tammy, GL)
Kathy Brier (Marcie, OLTL)
Judi Evans (Bonnie, DOOL)
Ilene Kristen (Roxy, OLTL)
Crystal Hunt (Lizzie, GL)
Silvana Arias (Paloma, PAS)
Farah Fath (Mimi, DOOL)
Robin Mattson (ex Janet, AMC)
Jade Harlow (ex Jessica, PAS)
Eva La Rue (ex Maria, AMC)
Crystal Chappell (Olivia, GL)
Eva Tamargo (Pilar, PAS)
Katherine Kelly Lang  (Brooke, B&B)
Amelia Marshall (Liz, PAS)
Patrika Darbo (Nancy, DOOL)
Forward by Mimi Torchin (former Editor-in-Chief, Soap Opera Weekly Magazine)

“Two-Faced:  Confessions of a Soap Opera Make Up Artist” by Timothy Alan goes on sale November 1, 2005.

 hspace=5 mce_tsrc=Look Like a Soap Star contributor, Danielle Orsino is a self-proclaimed fashion and beauty junkie.  From mixing her own lipstick shades in high school to owning her own online boutique, she has seen it all. She always listened when people talked about what they loved and hated about products.  Women told her about items or designers they found and what their closet was lacking. Guys asked about gift ideas for wives and daughters.  While dishing out the advice, Orsino realized there was a bigger idea that could help everyone. She has always followed beauty and fashion and has been able to predict the next hot thing.  But she didn’t want to get caught up in fads.  She chose a bolder path by adding a more glamorous element; reminding women of being a little girl and playing dress up like in the old Hollywood movies or like a favorite soap diva. The ideas meshed and DramaQueenStyle.com was born! 

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