Look Like a Soap Star ~ Gift Ideas for the Soap Stars

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Tis’ the season and all that jazz, but let’s face it most of us are more concerned with wanting to know if this nunu Carly is going to last; whether Greenlee is ever going to return to Pine Valley and take Ryan back; are Sammy and Lucas really over for good;  and, has Bree figured out that George many have had something to do with Rex’s death? Oh yeah, and we have to get that holiday shopping done.  Never fear my soap addicted friends I have complied a list of the most popular gifts to satisfy any TV fan.

So does your friend know every one of Vicki’s personalities by name? Can she remember how many actors have portrayed Marlena’s Husband John on Days? Was each of Erica Kane’s weddings a national holiday in her eyes? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you have a genuine Soap addict on your gift list!  So here are my best suggestions to fulfill her holiday wishes…

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1. Two Faced: Confessions of a soap opera make up Artist -- A great make up book that features many of daytime’s most famous beauties along with funny and candid interviews from these ladies. The pictures are so beautiful that it could pass as an art book! $24.95
DramaQueenStyle.com   Find out more about Two Faced.

2. Is she a General Hospital fan? Try one of the new “team Port Charles” t-shirts by Drama Queen. Each features the character’s name and the “role” they play on the show –example – Corinthos 01 the Boss –available in S-XL. $40.00

3.  Days of our Lives soundtrack – featuring sounds of love from many of today’s great artists to cast members of the day’s family! $14.99 Amazon.com.    

4.  Perhaps you have a niece who dreams of gracing the catwalk one day? Then she probably loves and commits to memory America’s Next Top Model, here are some great choices for her…

Americans Next top model cycle 1 on DVD –loaded with extras and a fun look at the modeling world. $29.99 amazon.com

Victoria's Secret  Make Me Gorgeous Supermodel Makeup Kit:  Black lacquer box includes two travel size Mosaic Eye Shadows, two Smooth Talk Creamy Lip Colors, Mosaic Luminous Blush, Defining Luxury Eye Liner, travel size Draw Me A Line Lip Liner, two travel size Shining Kisses Lip Glosses and travel size Very Sexy® Intensifying Lashes.    

5.  If your friend is into all the new night dramas that have crept up in the last season (which are soaps just on at night regardless of what they say) then check this out….

Lost – most people became obsessed with ABC’s lost last year.  If your friend is one of those people who spent hours trying to figure out what was in the hatch then this maybe for her…
Cake’s Deserted Island gift set –get it? “Deserted Island!”   Cake has combined Deserted Island in a collection that will give you a taste of paradise. This delectable trip has all of the elements that will leave you smelling sweet and looking fabulous.
What's included?
1 Desserted Island Supremely Rich Bath & Shower Froth- 4 oz
1 Desserted Island Supreme Body Mousse- 4 oz
1 Desserted Island Moisturizing Body Glaze- 4 oz
Cute, added-value packaging that includes a gift tag, ribbon and satin inlay
$34.95 DramaQueenStyle.com

6.  Maybe she has a party ever Sunday night when the women of desperate housewives grace our sets; try these on for your Wisteria Lane wanna be resident…

A. I love Desperate housewives t-shirt $19.99 CafePress.com

B. “Drama Queen”  tank top that Miss Eva Longoria Owns if that is not a wisterias lane must have than nothing is… $19.95  DramaQueenstyle .com

C. Desperate Housewives dirty laundry game...
Can you keep a tight leash on the details of your private affairs, or will tawdry tales be told? Me-yow! Based on the hit TV series, and borrowing from the details of the lives of Susan, Lynette, Bree, Gabrielle, Edie, and their families, In the Desperate Housewives Dirty Laundry Game in a Tin, your aim is to be the only player whose dirty little secret is not guessed correctly. Includes Deluxe folding game board with spinner, 50 dirty laundry cards, 1 die, 6 pawns, 6 diaries, and 100 secret cards, and sturdy storage tin. For 2 to 6 players ages 13 and up.

7.  Maybe she is hooked on the new psychics shows like Medium and Ghost Whisperer, try these little darlings: 

Bath Fortune Cookies by Indulge, These fortune cookies fizz away in your bath leaving behind an incredible cookie fragrance, and your very own fortune! Yup you heard me, after the “cookies” fizz away a limited “fortune” floats to the top-perfect for any psychic in training!  Six individually wrapped cookies packaged in a take-out style gift box. $19.95  DramaQueenStyle.com

Ok ladies.  That is it for now.  Enjoy the holidays and I will see you in the New Year! Stay Stylish!   

 hspace=5 mce_tsrc=Look Like a Soap Star contributor, Danielle Orsino is a self-proclaimed fashion and beauty junkie.  From mixing her own lipstick shades in high school to owning her own online boutique, she has seen it all. She always listened when people talked about what they loved and hated about products.  Women told her about items or designers they found and what their closet was lacking. Guys asked about gift ideas for wives and daughters.  While dishing out the advice, Orsino realized there was a bigger idea that could help everyone. She has always followed beauty and fashion and has been able to predict the next hot thing.  But she didn’t want to get caught up in fads.  She chose a bolder path by adding a more glamorous element; reminding women of being a little girl and playing dress up like in the old Hollywood movies or like a favorite soap diva. The ideas meshed and DramaQueenStyle.com was born! 

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