Look Like a Soap Star ~ GH's Lois and Brook Lynn

 hspace=5 mce_tsrc=Brook Lynn Ashton and Lois Cerilo are Port Charles’ resident fashion divas; they definitely march to the beat of their own drums.  I thought it would be fun to see what fashion lessons we can learn from these two lovely ladies.  So sit back and hold tight --  we are entering the world of eclectic fashion.


 hspace=10 mce_tsrc=First, we have the lovely Ms. Lois Cerilo played by Lesli Kay.  She has a unique sense of style and a great figure which she does not mind showing off.   Her playfulness with texture and colors gives interesting results – sometimes great and sometimes not so great.  But what Lois does teach us is that you can be fabulous at any age and that fashion is not just for the young but rather for the young at heart.  She is fashion fearless and whether you love her looks or hate them you have to give this Diva credit.  She has confidence and will try anything. 

Here are the lessons we can learn from Ms. Cerilo:

1. Be Fashion Fearless. Don’t be afraid to show some skin even if you are past the age of 18. 
2. Don’t always follow the trends, wear what you like. 
3. Be Confident! 

I think that is some great advice.  Here are a couple of pieces I found that have Lois written all over them and can re-create the Lois look for you.

 hspace=5 mce_tsrc=To capture that eclectic look that Lois rocks on a daily basis, try one of Amy Weis’s Tie tops in either the halter style or the tank style (if you want to be a little more covered).  Each top is one of a kind and is incredibly affordable – perfect for making a statement.  $39.95.
 hspace=10 mce_tsrc=Lois always rocks some cool accessories…how about these to channel your inner Lois:  Ah Jewelry Feather earrings at $95.00.                                       

Lois’ style has not gone unnoticed by her daughter Brook Lynn played by Adrianne Leon.  Brook Lynn also walks to her own beat and just like her mother, she does it very proudly.  Brook Lynn is very influenced by music and has a bit of a bohemian/punk fusion going on with her clothes.  She walks the line between punk and pretty beautifully, and pairs punk-inspired pieces with the basics such as a great pair of jeans.  Maybe she’ll wear a brocade jacket for an extra touch of style.  Not one to follow trends, Brook Lynn wears what she feels.  Accessories are very important to her look and we’ll always see her adorned in cool necklaces that have an organic feel to them.  She loves to layer her accessories, which adds a unique touch.

Our fashion lessons from Miss Brook Lynn are:

 hspace=10 mce_tsrc=1. Mix and match – punk and vintage (luxe and bargain finds, it doesn’t matter), no rules!
2. Make it yours – no one says you have to wear a trend head to toe.
3. Accessories are very important and they can take an outfit from boring to extraordinary    

Here is a Brook Lynn suggestion:  Dramaura Passion X-blade cuff at $98.00 

 hspace=5 mce_tsrc=Look Like a Soap Star contributor, Danielle Orsino is a self-proclaimed fashion and beauty junkie.  From mixing her own lipstick shades in high school to owning her own online boutique, she has seen it all. She always listened when people talked about what they loved and hated about products.  Women told her about items or designers they found and what their closet was lacking. Guys asked about gift ideas for wives and daughters.  While dishing out the advice, Orsino realized there was a bigger idea that could help everyone. She has always followed beauty and fashion and has been able to predict the next hot thing.  But she didn’t want to get caught up in fads.  She chose a bolder path by adding a more glamorous element; reminding women of being a little girl and playing dress up like in the old Hollywood movies or like a favorite soap diva. The ideas meshed and DramaQueenStyle.com was born! 

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