Go natural and in budget to look like a soap star


Splash with natural ingredientsIn today's world, no matter how hard we try; everything we do is on a budget. We budget shop for food, clothes, shoes, cars and even health! For some people, beauty and the quest to maintain it isn't such a big deal, but being concerned about your appearance or how it is perceived is a natural part of life.

As far as budgeting goes, beauty on a budget may seem impossible. The beauty product industry grosses billions of dollars a year and this is not just in America. Commercial manufacturers have done their best to make beauty products more affordable by minimizing packaging, using alternative ingredients, and bulking up on the cheaper stuff.

However, for true beauty and health of your skin there must be other ways to maintain beauty, without straining your purse strings.

Beauty routines are individual but still much influenced by what we see on TV and read on the internet and in magazines. One of the biggest mistakes women make as far as a beauty regimen is trying to apply tips and tricks that they see models use, on themselves. Everyone's skin is different and we're all exposed to different natural and synthetic elements - there is no one way or one right thing to do. Knowing your beauty is an experiment and will require research and investigation.

Here are a few Top Tips we know you can use: The pillow case you're using right now might actually be causing your skin tremendous stress. Apart from causing you wrinkles if the fabric is rough and not breathable, if your pillow case is dirty, it will transfer germs to your skin. Wash your pillowcase twice a week or at least change your pillow case that often. If you have products in your hair or on your skin when you go to bed, the pillow case will absorb them and retransfer them to your skin every time you lay your head. This can lead to clogged pores and break outs if you aren't careful! Use natural fabrics for your pillow cases such as silk or cotton, or even microfiber cases won't harm your skin.

There are web sites like PureFormulas.com that can offer you a wealth of natural and herbal beauty supplements and ingredients to make sure you're beauty is taken care of now and long into the future. Creams and lotions and treatments may all work temporarily, but for true beauty to remain as resilient as possible, you may have to adopt some lifestyle changes. One sage bit of advice is always to drink more water. Use products that are non-comedogenic.

Where budgeted beauty is concerned, you can always go the DIY route. Use natural food ingredients to double as beauty treatments. You can make very effective masks from the mashed and pureed pulps of several fruit including papaya, avocado and banana. Honey works wonders on scars and is an excellent antibacterial agent. For exfoliating purposes, why not use raw ground oats? Making your own sugar scrub is easy and there are many recipes online that can help!


Last Updated ( Thursday, 09 August 2012 15:28 )