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While the most famous examples of cosmetic surgery are the ones that end in disaster, most end up just fine. You might think the star looks better, or even different, but you can't quite put your finger on why.

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Soapdom says: Become the soap opera star you’ve always dreamed about! http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/soapdom-says-become-the-soap-opera-star-youve-always-dreamed-about.html http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/soapdom-says-become-the-soap-opera-star-youve-always-dreamed-about.html Nadia Bjorlin (Chole, Days of our Lives)Female soap opera stars are forever sought after by the public for their cosmetics, hairstyles and fashion sense. Like all of us in soapdom know, for some stars, taste in fashion may actually encompass three different personalities, which calls for three separate fashion styles. Picture the scenario of the "evil twin," only in real life, where the same person exemplifies a number of different personas.

For example, the main personality likes the daintier part of fashion, choosing somethng like a turquoise satin tank top and subtle accessories, including the lighter side of jewelry. Her snakeskin pumps add a hint of jazz, but her handbag is as simple as her accessories.

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Go natural and in budget to look like a soap star http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/go-natural-and-in-budget-to-look-like-a-soap-star.html http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/go-natural-and-in-budget-to-look-like-a-soap-star.html Splash with natural ingredientsIn today's world, no matter how hard we try; everything we do is on a budget. We budget shop for food, clothes, shoes, cars and even health! For some people, beauty and the quest to maintain it isn't such a big deal, but being concerned about your appearance or how it is perceived is a natural part of life.

As far as budgeting goes, beauty on a budget may seem impossible. The beauty product industry grosses billions of dollars a year and this is not just in America. Commercial manufacturers have done their best to make beauty products more affordable by minimizing packaging, using alternative ingredients, and bulking up on the cheaper stuff.

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Love Tom's Shoes? Wear Tom's Eyewear, too! http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/love-toms-shoes-wear-toms-eyewear-too.html http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/love-toms-shoes-wear-toms-eyewear-too.html Tom's Shoes is one amazing company. For every pair of Tom's shoes we buy, they donate a pair to someone in need.  The provide employment and a way to make ends meet in third world countries and now, they have a similar campaign for Tom's Eyewear!

Find out all about it below...


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Groom your kids to look like a soap star! http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/groom-your-kids-to-look-like-a-soap-star.html http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/groom-your-kids-to-look-like-a-soap-star.html Child obesity is rampant in the US.  Too many kids are sitting behind computers and ipads for too many hours. 

Try to find ways to serve healthy snacks and engage them in more physical activity!

Summer's here. Go to the pool.  Hiking.  Create a neighborhood softball team!  Also try this...

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Grab a spoon and get healthy for summer http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/grab-a-spoon-and-get-healthy-for-summer.html http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/grab-a-spoon-and-get-healthy-for-summer.html

Your QueenRuler and Slinky, the Tuxedo Puss

Most of the time, I sit behind a desk buried in my computer, munching on whatever I can grab fast as I create content for my online BFFs here at Soapdom.com. But with summer on the horizon, I've decided to choose my snacks more wisely – like satisfying, non-fat Dannon Oikos® yogurt.

Thanks to tips from Dannon Oikos® and nationally recognized dietician Keri Glassman, I am starting on the right track to a more healthy summer, cos we all know that exercising, and maintaining a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can be daunting. With the right tools, however, looking like a soap star can be as easy as picking up a spoon!

This spring, Keri Glassman and Dannon Oikos® are encouraging us all to 'Grab a Spoon 'til June' with rich and creamy 0% fat Dannon Oikos® Greek nonfat yogurt to help us stay on track towards our goals while at the same time adding spice to the normal routine!

Like the sound of that? Slinky and I do, too!

Here are some of Keri's tips that I'll be using to get started. See something that hits home for you? Feel free to try a few of Keri's tips, too!

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Soap Star Eyebrows & Setside Scoops http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/sexy-soap-star-eyebrows-a-setside-scoops.html http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/sexy-soap-star-eyebrows-a-setside-scoops.html Susan Lucci (c)Norm BrynWant to wow the gents in your life with the bat of an eyelash and the wink of an eye? Sultry soap star eyebrows will help. Soapdom's Look Like a Soap star columnist, Norm Bryn, a former make-up artist on All My Children, shows us how. Read on...

I'm back after a wee hiatus (life & work), here with more soap star beauty secrets. We will delve into the importance of eyebrow grooming as a fashion essential, with my own illustrations from my book, "Makeup & Misery: Adventures in the ]]> lmsmith@soapdom.com (Norman Bryn) Look Like a Soap Star Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:46:08 +0000 Days of our Lives’ Arianne Zucker Takes Lowd Suga to the Next Level http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/days-of-our-lives-arianne-zuker-takes-lowd-suga-to-the-next-level.html http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/days-of-our-lives-arianne-zuker-takes-lowd-suga-to-the-next-level.html Arianne Zucker (Nicole, DOOL)Spring is here and Days of our Lives' Arianne Zucker (Nicole), owner of Lowd Suga, and one time contributor to Soapdom's Look Like a Soap Star column, hopes everyone is enjoying and is gearing up for the summer. She also wants all her fans to know that ---

Lowd Suga has made some changes. With the birth of her daughter, Arianne has launched a new part to her Lowd Suga online boutique called "Izzy Reese." "Izzy Reese" is organic baby wear, toys and gifts that

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Start with a Good Foundation http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/starting-with-a-good-foundation.html http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/starting-with-a-good-foundation.html Norm Bryn -- Make Up Artist to the Soap Stars!Hello, and welcome to 2010! This time, I promised to tell you all about the how's, why's and wherefores of foundation, so without further ado, let's get to it.

Foundation makeup is a big part of how to "Look Like a Soap Star" as, indeed, it is the beginning of any good makeup job. The penetrating lights of a television studio make foundation an actor's best friend since, much more so than in real life, the inconsistencies of skin tones are magnified without it. Our complexions are made up of so many areas due to factors including age, ethnic background, lifestyle, and individual 

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It Starts With Achieving Beautiful Skin... http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/it-starts-with-achieving-beautiful-skin.html http://www.soapdom.com/Look-Like-a-Soap-Star/it-starts-with-achieving-beautiful-skin.html Norn Bryn at workIn my new cosmetic tell-all, "Makeup & Misery: Adventures in the Soap Factory"(www.makeupandmisery.com) I also track the ongoing decline -- and reinvention -- of daytime soaps, change which seems inevitable in this age of new media and huge competition for audience attention. As I predicted, the latest casualty is "As The World Turns," the last of the Procter & Gamble sponsored serials after "Guiding Light" broadcast its final episode in September of this year. Procter & Gamble once had as many as thirteen soaps on the air, but they will bow out of the genre once ATWT ceases production in June, 2010.

At a holiday meeting of the makeup artists union here in New York, crew from "All My Children" announced they were  ]]> lmsmith@soapdom.com (Norman Bryn) Look Like a Soap Star Mon, 21 Dec 2009 19:34:28 +0000