Big Jewels & Bedazzled Accessories Are This Season’s Hottest Trends


Arianne Zucker (Nicole, Days of our Lives) I am excited to say that this year, according to the bible of fashion - Vogue Magazine - BIG JEWELS are in!  Jewel encrusted purses, gloves, dresses, shoes and, of course, jewelry are what’s big this fall.

This overstated style is classy and classic - when done correctly.  Case in point - one young and completely amazing actress who I think works this look to perfection is Anne Hathaway. Her style and grace is reminiscent of old Hollywood and are the key to her personal style.  Did you see her large jeweled ring and necklace she donned for the premiere of “Rachel Getting Married”?  She looked A-MAZING!

Anne Hathaway Anne does a wonderful job of not over doing the jewels, allowing them to accentuate, not dominate, her gorgeous gown.  (Photograph is compliments of JPI Studios).

My own personal collection of oversized bangles and bobbles has been collected mostly from my mother and grandmother.  I can remember clearly their drawers of costume jewelry. Oh and some pieces that did double duty hanging from some chandelier lamps around the house.

Over time, a few of these accessories have been passed along to me and I have been waiting for that very day these jewels would come back in style.  I used to laugh when I would see some of the keepsakes my mother had. Guess who’s laughing now? Thanks grandma for being so fashionable! 

As time has gone on, I have come to see that some of the antique jeweled items that I acquired have become my personal favorites – not only are they beautiful, their classic lines have withstood the test of time. The purse I love the most is a square clutch with large encrusted jewels on the front with a wood handle. I also have a pair of brown satin heels with a large square yellow antiqued stone on the front that I bought them a few years ago and I am thrilled to be busting them out again this season.

Check out and see for yourself how beautiful many of these bedazzled pieces are and how they can be incorporated into looks that are casual or formal. You may even have some old costume jewelry (all those big earrings from the ‘80’s) or antiques that you’ve collected or inherited that with a simple safety pin or a little glue, can be repurposed to turn ordinary accessories into this season’s hottest fashions.

Easy Tips To Work the Jewels

Another place to keep an eye out for one of a kind jewel’s with bling and large beaded jewels is Lowd Suga’. I love to wear large chunky pieces and it looks like this fall I am hitting the fashion nail on the head! This September, check out several new antique jewel necklaces, earrings and bracelets that will appear on . Many of these pieces are very special and won’t be around for long because the pieces are true antiques, so there will only be a limited number available.  But, keep checking the site through December and get your very own soon-to-be-a- classic “Lowd Suga’ Big Jeweled Bling.”

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