At the Daytime Emmys 2005...

Emmy's review

...and the Rules for June!

Like every other soap fan out there, I sat glued to my TV on Friday May 20th watching the daytime Emmys.  Oh the dresses, the jewelry and the glamour! Ah to be a diva. That’s I when I got my idea for this month's article – I could write about my observations on the night’s fashion, but who wants that?  We all have favorites (mine was Beth Chamberlin from Guiding Light and Gina Tognoni), and we have our not so favorites (insert yours here). 

Instead, let’s talk about how to create a little night time glamour on our big nights out. Maybe we don’t all go to black tie award shows, but we do all go to weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, christenings, graduations and the all important date! How do we add a little daytime sparkle to our own personal special events?

It’s easy!  Especially when you’re armed with my rules for the month. They are all about adding glamour and how to do it right without going over board.

June’s Daytime Glamour Rules

1. We all know not to wear white to a wedding.  Pretty simple, right?  There are some other wedding rules like never outshine the bride!  How do you add glamour without outshining the bride?  Add some bling to your shoes, or go with a bright color shoe to add some punch.  I love the sites and for fabulous finds at great prices.

2. Take a lesson from Beth Ehlers (Harley, GH) and Victoria Rowell (Drucilla, Y&R). Just because you have to go black tie does not mean floor length. Cocktail length gowns are making a come-back. They help you channel that Audrey Hepburn that is inside all of us.  Check out and look at the “Greenlee” dress which is a perfect example of a cocktail dress!    

3. Glamour does not mean all black.  Color was all over the red carpet. Look at Susan Lucci (Erica, AMC) and Robin Stasser (Dorian, OLTL).  Red was their hue of choice! However, Natalia Livingston (Emily, GH) and Eden Riegel (Bianca, AMC) went very muted in gold and silver. Open your eyes ladies. There is a spectrum of color out there for you! Afraid of color but want to slowly start infusing it into your wardrobe? Check out there sherbet-colored hues for spring. They will appeal to every skin tone and they are not over powering for the shy. 

4. Think feminine.  The corset look is back, and in a big way. Add a little lingerie inspired dress to your arsenal, but be warned.  There is a right way and a wrong way. Deidre Hall in her pale blue gown -- the right way! Madonna in the 80’s – the wrong way! has some great inexpensive finds that are great to help you channel this trend.

5. Let’s not forget your accessories.  A hand bag can add some punch to your wardrobe without going over board.  A sparkly purse can be just what the fashion doctor ordered to spice up an outfit. Try for some sparkle evening bags that will add a bit of drama to any outfit. They are real leather and are of the highest quality at great prices.  

So ladies -- take these rules, add them to your wardrobe and stir.  Instant glamour! Until next month dolls, stay fabulous!    










Look Like a Soap Star contributor, Danielle Orsino is a self-proclaimed fashion and beauty junkie.  From mixing her own lipstick shades in high school to owning her own online boutique, she has seen it all. She always listened when people talked about what they loved and hated about products.  Women told her about items or designers they found and what their closet was lacking. Guys asked about gift ideas for wives and daughters.  While dishing out the advice, Orsino realized there was a bigger idea that could help everyone. She has always followed beauty and fashion and has been able to predict the next hot thing.  But she didn’t want to get caught up in fads.  She chose a bolder path by adding a more glamorous element; reminding women of being a little girl and playing dress up like in the old Hollywood movies or like a favorite soap diva. The ideas meshed and was born!