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Soapdom is looking for a few good fans “Lead the Fans” Leadership Program


Description: Are you an avid watcher of daytime and/or primetime continuing dramas?  Have you or would you like to participate in Soapdom's Soap Suds Forums? Are you looking for a way to become more involved in this thriving community? Do you love to chat online? Do you love to spread the word? is looking for a few good members to participate in the “Lead the Fans” leadership program.  Soapdom offers “Lead the Fans” positions as Show Section Coordinators,  Message Board Moderators, Chat Hosts, Soap Snoopers Suds Buzz Contributors, Recap Writers, show columnists, and sharing news of Soapdom’s content and features online.  You may be located anywhere within the United States to participate in this program.


Show Coordinators  
Soapdom is seeking die-hard soap fans who will volunteer to oversee an entire section of Soapdom dedicated to their favorite show.  This is a major commitment that will require constant care and feeding.  Along with contributing original content to the section, the Show Coordinator will assist in message board moderation for that show, host weekly chats, post to their official Soapdom Blog and become the resident Soapdom expert for that show.  The Show Coordinator will likewise be responsible for keeping specific show sections updated, including but not limited to histories, cast and character bios, and baby names.  The Show Coordinator will also oversee other members who may moderate the boards for that show and/or also host chats for that show. This is a volunteer position, but as our site grows and visitors to that particular show section increase, it could become a paid position in the future. 

Message Board Moderators
Message Board Moderators check message board threads for any posts that contain Soapdom Message Board Rules & Regulations (TOS) violations, to either delete or edit the offending post as necessary, and to contact the offending poster via email with a  TOS violations notice, if requested to do so by the Board Administrator or Sr. Moderator.  Soapdom Message Board Moderators strive to maintain a friendly discussion environment and ensure and encourage the flow of g-rated conversation.

Chat Hosts
Chat Hosts hold weekly chats, encourage lively, respectful discussion, and ascertain that the chat room remains friendly, upbeat, informative, and fun.  Soapdom Chat Hosts strive to maintain a friendly discussion environment and ensure and encourage the flow of g-rated conversation.  

Social Networkers  (Current Openings)

Social Networkers assist in spreading the word on Soapdom’s daily content updates, site features, weekly and/or celebrity chats, etc. by posting links on Facebook, Twitter, Examiner, submitting to Digg, and other social networking sites, creating/participating in message board discussions and chats, blogging at Soapdom and simply being visible on the Soapdom site by keeping their Soapdom profile current, updating their status at least once a day, adding photos and/or videos to their profile pages, etc. and building their friends contacts on Soapdom.

Recap Writers  (Current Openings)
Watch assigned soaps each day and write up a synopsis of the day’s episode.  Submit to editor by or before 6 PM eastern time daily, or upload to site by 6:00 PM eastern time daily. 

Show Columnists  (Current Openings)
You have a favorite soap. You have an opinion about it.  You can  communicate your opinion in an intelligent, engaging manner.  And you just can't wait to share.  Soapdom's soap opinion columns are published every Monday and cover the week before's episodes, along with any other info about your favorite show that you uncover.  Columns are uploaded on Saturday or Sunday for Monday publication.

Soap Snoopers  (Current Openings)
To be well-versed in the soap world and clued in to breaking news, buzz, gossip, rumors, and/or confirmed rumors and submit items and/or blind items for inclusion in Soapdom’s Suds Buzz column, and blogging about their favorite soap buzz at Soapdom.

Qualifications and Skills Sought:

*A registered member in good standing of
*Interest and knowledge in the soap for which you are volunteering.
*Friendly on-screen personality.
*Basic computer skills such as copy/paste and saving files.
*Basic internet skills such as email, instant messages, chat rooms, message boards, keywords, etc.
*A high comfort level with the Soapdom Message Board and/or chat software; including using all features.
*High level of computer competency.

Other Qualifications:

*You must be registered at with a viable email account.
*You should be the sole user of your Soapdom user name.
*Your Soapdom registration must have been active for at least 3, and preferably 6, consecutive months. New members will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
*You may have no Soapdom Message Board Rules & Regulations violations warnings on your registered Soapdom user name.
*You must be well versed in regard to Soapdom's TOS. (See Soapdom’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.)
*You must be a resident of the United States.
*Your computer should operate the latest version of browser software.
*You must be at least 18 years of age.
*You must have another viable email account available to be used for your official Soapdom Fan Leader user name registration. 
*You must be willing to complete a brief training program on your Primary Soapdom user name if required.
*You must be a team player, familiar with Soapdom Message Board and/or Chat Room features, with good typing skills.
*Previous internet community volunteer experience a plus.
*For the the Social Networkers, internet marketing or social networking experience, and/or a college degree in marketing a plus.
*For the Show Coordinator, Recap Writing, Show Columnist and Soap Snoop position(s), previous writing experience a plus.

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