Young and the Restless May Sweeps Previews 2007

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Plotting, politicking and porning oh my!


Eric Braeden (Victor, Young and the Restless)With May Sweeps soon upon us, the Young and the Restless, soapdom’s number one soap opera, is again gearing up to impress.  First up, now that William has discovered new evidence in the Jabot case, Gloria is beside herself with worry. She is so concerned that she actually will stoop to drastic action.  To what lengths will she go to protect herself?  Will her behavior alleviate the problem or only make it worse?  Either way, William is sure to see another side of Gloria in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, Victor and Michael continue to plot against Jack. This May they will make the next move in their chess game against Jack by moving Ji Min into the middle of their high stakes power struggle. Will Ji Min do their bidding willingly?  If not, what do they have on him – if anything – that will make him cooperate?  Speaking of Jack, the campaign race between him and Nikki heats up.  So much so, that the candidates start fighting down and dirty. Will this be an out and out smut campaign?  Whose dirty laundry will be exposed first?

While on the other side of town, Victoria is devastated when tragedy strikes and places the life of her unborn baby in jeopardy. Just what happens to threaten the baby?  Will the child and her mother make it through the ordeal unscathed?

At the same time, Amber tries to convince Cane to take advantage of being a Chancellor.  Wonder what Amber would have Cane do.  Will all of her scheming pay off?

Then, there’s continued trouble in paradise for the young marrieds, Lily and Daniel.  Lily is shocked to discover that her husband is still watching Internet porn!  Really beginning to take Daniel’s porn addiction personally, Lily becomes a detective to find out how deeply he is involved. 

Finally, watch as Brad attempts to turn the tables on Phyllis and use her own extortion against her.  Will his plan succeed?  Speaking of Brad, when Colleen reveals she is leaving Genoa City with Adrian, Brad decides to intervene.  Will his efforts result in his losing Colleen forever? Or, will she reconsider and remain in town?  One sure fire way to find out -- keep it glued to the Young and the Restless this May sweeps!