Young and Restless, Jeanne Cooper, Speechless on Oprah

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Lucci, Oprah, CooperShe has seen it all, done it all, and met them all, but it was being on the Oprah show that was a high that Jeanne Cooper (Katherine of The Young and the Restless) will never forget. And she tells Soapdom that she can't talk enough about having been able to experience this wonderful moment in her life.

Cooper was invited as Oprah celebrated with a show dedicated to legendary soap stars.

"I have to tell you...anyone that knows me knows that never am a loss for words, but with Oprah I was," Cooper explained. "I'm telling you, she is just electrifying. This was my first time on the show. I've always admired her, but it was like being in a candy store."

First, Cooper was honored to be invited as the only performer from CBS. All the other actors were from ABC, including Susan Lucci (Erica, All My Children). Cooper not only flew to Chicago during the third biggest blizzard in the city's history, but was in awe of the whole visit.

"I love Chicago, but in the winter? I'd only come there for Oprah," Cooper joked. "I have to tell you how professional everything was from the staff to Oprah herself. Just unbelievable."

Cooper said that when you think of a humanitarian, how could you not think of Oprah. "Look at what she has done? She's helped with literacy, and so many things in this world the list goes on," Cooper said. "Not only has her life been an open book, but when that woman sets a goal it is always achieved in the highest standard. What an honor this has been to meet her." And of course...the show ended with Oprah's arm around Cooper. So there you have it.