Y&R's Jerry Douglas to Return as John Abbott

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Glad to be back home, and be able to work with the gang.

Jerry Douglas (John, Y&R)John Abbott Back In Genoa City!

If you're wondering why there are so many references to John Abbott these days, it's because the head of the Abbott clan is about to make his return to Genoa City. With Ashley and Jack at odds over the Jabot takeover, the timing couldn't be better.

"What makes it exciting for me," says Jerry Douglas, the veteran actor who has made John Abbott an icon, "is that now, with Billy being back, the family is complete. And Eileen Davidson (Ashley) is a consummate actress. She was wonderful as a young girl, and she is better as a woman." Jerry admits it will be fun to work with Eileen ten years later. "We are a generation older now. That adds a new dimension."

We caught up with Jerry as he was finishing lunch with his real life daughter, an accomplished screen and television writer. Although Jerry would not reveal how the return of John Abbott will impact life in Genoa City, he is eager to work with Kay Alden. During Jerry's former tenure on the show, Kay had not yet been named head writer. "I am happy to (take the character) where the new writers lead me, " he remarked.

After a yearlong absence from Y&R, Jerry is delighted to be returning. "I always enjoy working with Peter (Bergman, Jack), and I am very grateful to Bill Bell. Bill is a terrific person and it's wonderful working with him again. It's easy to be grateful when you're given the opportunity to do something you love to do on one of the best shows ever."

Douglas, who is now under contract, starts work July 19, 1999. Watch for his scenes to begin airing sometime in mid to late August.