Y&R’s Daniel Goddard

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Is Cane or isn’t Cane Jill’s son?  Soapdom gets up close and personal.



Daniel Goddard (Cane, Young and the Restless_As the hot new bartender in Genoa City, Daniel Goddard portrays Cane like he does most every other role he’s taken, as a loner.  As The Young and the Restless’ newest addition reflected to Soapdom, “I always end up playing a character, whether he’s nice, bad or indifferent, at his core, he is a loner.”

Is this a case of type casting, or is Goddard at his own core a loner as well? While he let us know, “I’m a social person; I like to interact with people” he went on to add, “I like my own time.  I’m very comfortable just doing my thing, so I think that comes across in a lot of the characters I play.”

Whether portraying Eric on the Australian soap Home and Away, Dar in the syndicated BeastMaster, or Cane on The Young and the Restless, Goddard brings a little bit of himself to every role.  Shedding light on his theory of acting, the Aussie shared, “There’s 25 percent of [the actor] that exists in every role. You can adapt and change the way you play it, the accent, the way you walk and talk….but I think you always have to bring yourself to the character.”

Leaving his native Australia for the bright lights of Hollywood, this former finance major strung together a slew of acting roles before being cast as Indigo’s barkeep.  After portraying the loin-clothed animal communicator for three seasons in BeastMaster, Goddard nabbed guest spots on series such as Wild Card, Monk and Emily’s Reasons Why Not. 

Even though he has enjoyed success on other shows, Goddard couldn’t be more pleased with his latest gig. As he enthused, “This has just been a wonderful experience and everyday I’m just so happy to go to work.”

As with most jobs, Goddard stated that it’s the people that make his time on the Midwestern soap such a pleasure.  He let us know, “It was a wonderful experience from the beginning. When you meet people you want to work for and you meet people that understand you and what you have to offer, it makes the experience all that it could ever be.” 

With his character possibly becoming Jill’s very much alive son, Daniel has been taping a lot of scenes with soap vet Jess Walton.  A turn of events that clearly thrills him, as he explained, “It’s wonderful.  Jess and I, when we first met, clicked so well that it’s almost like a mother/son relationship.”

So how did Daniel’s dream job come about?  The Y&R contract player filled us in, stating the role occurred as a result of him losing a job on another soap. 

As he tells it, he was up for a spot on fellow CBS sudser As the World Turns, but lost out to another actor familiar to soap viewers. What role was he up for in Oakdale? While he didn’t give us the character name, Goddard gave the answer away by telling us, “Austin [Peck] is playing the guy I auditioned for.”

Even though he didn’t win the role of Brad Snyder, there’s no hard feelings as Daniel believes everything happens for a reason.  Looking back, he admits he enjoyed his chance to audition for ATWT, but “This character, Cane, I think is more of me.”  He added, “I think Austin was more [Brad] than he would’ve been Cane.  I think you’re in the right place at the right time.  It happens, parts of the puzzle slot around, everything falls into place.”

And fall into place they did, as after the role he tested for went to Peck, the impressed casting agents at CBS found him a spot on The Young and the Restless, giving viewers the possibly real Philip Chancellor. Leading us to the next question—Is Cane really the baby Kay gave away in a drunken haze?

According to Daniel, “Philip is technically what they refer to me as. However, it’s a complicated storyline where you think I am, but [then] you think I’m not and then there’s the twist and turns along the way where you find out whether I am or not.”

With all the intricacies of the plot, we couldn’t help but notice how coincidental it was that Cane just happened to land in the city where his possible birth mother lives.  Interestingly, Goddard didn’t share our....



Daniel Goddard (Cane, Young and the Restless).....puzzlement over the situation, explaining, “I think that Cane, before he met Amber online and then happened to come into contact with everybody, he had done his research and he knew where his adoptive mother was from so that’s where he went back to.  The coincidence is somewhat coincidental, but nevertheless it was planned to coincide that way because he knew where his back story began.”

We’ll give him that one, but what about his accent?  The actor and character are both from down under, so where’s the thick dialect?  Not surprisingly, Cane’s portrayer had an answer for that as well.

In an amusing aside, we were filled in on the accent game. As Goddard shared, “BeastMaster was shot in Australia, but they wanted an American accent. And then Y&R was shot in America, but they wanted an Australian accent.”  He continued on, stating, “I have to work on [the accent] now.  I’m consciously bringing it back because it’s been so many years having to audition to play American parts that my default now is to switch to hybrid.” Unless of course he’s had a few beers, then, according to him, it’s all Aussie!

While we were on the topic of his homeland, Goddard couldn’t hide his attachment to Australia.  Originally from Sydney, Daniel told us, “I miss Australia very much. I love Australia.”  But even though his heart belongs in Oz, he has room in it for his new home in the states. 

Appreciating its diversity, Daniel enthused, “America is one of those countries that allows anybody to do anything if they have the motivation, the drive and the tenacity.  It truly is a multicultural melting pot, greater I think than most countries because everybody comes here looking for their dreams and their hopes and trying to find out what it is in life they can do.”

Having realized his own goals and dreams in America, Goddard will be spending the next three years on contract with Y&R figuring out what his character Cane is all about.  That said, we had to ask for any insight into what’s to come for the possible Chancellor heir. 

Unfortunately, the only scoop we received was that Goddard’s co-star, Adrienne Franz (Amber) will be leaving in April.  So what will become of Cane once Amber’s gone?  All he would say was, “When I think all is said and done, I think Lynn (Latham, Y&R Head Writer) has a very definitive storyline that she has set up.” Daniel went on to speculate that Amber’s leaving “Will allow me at that point to move the storyline and do other things.”

In addition, Goddard wanted fans to know that Cane isn’t the playboy he’s made out to be.  He previewed, “He’s not a very vulnerable person.  Until he actually realizes his vulnerability doesn’t make him weak, which shall happen soon, you’ll see a side of Cane which makes him look like a player, but that’s a peripheral thing based on circumstances he’s experiencing at the moment, it’s not based on who he is at his core.  I think you’ll find out soon enough that really he’s a nice guy at heart.”

Until that time comes, this married father of a one year old (sorry ladies!) will continue to spend his time in Genoa City and he wouldn’t have any other way. He’s signed a three-year contract. As Daniel gushed, “Everyday I go to work I’m the happiest man alive.  I can’t believe I’m this fortunate.”