Y&R Spring Previews 2006

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Romance and Fireworks Heat Up the Screen in Genoa City


 hspace=10 src=February Sweeps may be over, but it appears the denizens of Genoa City could care less. There’s a ton in store for all of our favorites coming up this spring starting with Phyllis.  She thinks she’s doing the right thing for Daniel, but her efforts to protect her son turn out to be – although well-meaning – very misguided.   She ends up shattering not only Lily, but her entire family.    What does this mean for the two young lovebirds in question?  Naturally, they fight desperately to hold on to there relationship, but Lily and Daniel find themselves forced into making a life-altering decision.  Will they choose wisely?

However, Daniel and Lily are not the only young couple shrouded in romantic angst this spring.  Mac is placed in a number of situations that cause her turns to Kevin once too often.  The last time is the straw that breaks the camel’s back insofar as JT is concerned.  In fact, Mac’s actions cause devastating results for her romance with JT and this time, not even Kay can fix it. 

With Mac taking a backseat in JT’s life, the door opens wider for Colleen.  We all know she has renewed her interest in him and this spring she tries to put her life back together in Genoa City, hoping she can avoid the specter of Kevin.

While on the other side of town, John reaches out from behind prison bars.  He may be in the pokey, but he continues to try to protect Gloria.  However, his efforts on behalf of his wife cause Jack and Ashley nothing but aggravation, especially when they find out that Victor is involved. Keep your eyes peeled as the conflict mounts.  Gloria tries to insinuate herself into goings on at Jabot where the corporate climate toward her is nothing but hostile.  Lucky for her she has a plan, and its focus is to destroy Jack and Ashley.  But you know what they say about the best laid plans, and when Gloria’s scheme goes awry, not only will it threaten Jack, but the entire Abbot family.  Will Gloria be fingered as the culprit who put this plan in motion?

Before you know it, it’s back to Phyllis who may have helped screw up her son’s relationship, but as for her own with Nick?  Let’s just say they will really sizzle.  But are they getting too hot to handle?  Can they end it or is it already too late?  In the meantime, Phyllis does save some time for business this Spring as she and Nikki prepare for the opening of the NVP spas.  But will things go smoothly?  All we can say is that Phyllis and Nikki better watch their back. Their “partner,” Victor, is up to his old tricks.  His actions get increasingly more ruthless as he again grasps for control.  This time, it’s a given that he is going after their spa project, but that’s not all. He is also out to reclaim Newman Enterprises!  Will his strategy work?

Speaking of Victor, his daughter Victoria has her hands full. Brad continues to press her for marriage.  What’s more, will Victoria pay a price for her fling with JT?  Above all, will Victor stand quietly by and allow his daughter to suffer due to her own misdeeds? 

At the same time, Sharon’s emotions may get the get the better of her. But how?  First off, she begins to piece together the devastating truth about Nick and Phyllis. Will she be able to cope with the reality when there can be no more denial?  

Finally, Michael and Lauren withhold a wonderful secret; but Michael is also withholding a devastating confidence, which could have tragic results.  What truths will be revealed first? Find out this Spring on the Young and the Restless.