Y&R February Sweeps Teasers 2007

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Will Victor get the better of Jack?


Peter Bergman (Jack, Y&R)If you think things have been building in Genoa City for the past few weeks, you are correct.  This February, plenty is about to hit the proverbial fan.  First up, when Kevin reveals some shocking information, Jana soon disappears.  What does Kevin admit?  Is Jana’s life in danger? 

Meanwhile, the usually upstanding and oh so by-the-book private detective, Paul Williams, begins to question what he now realizes was a deal with the devil as far as his capture of Sheila is concerned. Aside from the situation eating at his soul, will he be able to keep her imprisoned?  More importantly, what will Lauren and Michael do when they find out Paul has taken the law into his own hands?

At the same time, Dru continues to be haunted by visions of Carmen.  Has Carmen returned from the dead to exact her revenge on Dru?  Is Dru’s mind playing tricks or could it be possible -- is Carmen still alive?  Sacré bleu!
While over at the Newman’s, Victor hopes that Jack will take the bait as he pushes his rival to glorious heights.  Right now, Jack is certainly an easy mark.  Will his arrogance be his downfall?  Speaking of Victor, all of a sudden the pieces of the puzzle to the meaning of the reliquary begin to fall into place.   But with the answers comes pending danger.  Pursuit of the reliquary will lead Victor, Brad and Victoria into a dark and dangerous underground world.  Plus, Colleen continues to trust Professor Korbel, even confiding in him about some of her family’s deepest secrets. Is Colleen being wise?  Could their relationship be a cover up for Korbel’s real intentions?  Will Colleen’s friendship with Korbel expose her family to risk?

Finally, Amber finds the key that would unlock the terrifying nightmares that Katherine  has been experiencing.  Will she help Jill and Kay or use the knowledge for her own personal gain?  More importantly, will Cane enable Amber?  Find out when you tune in to the Young and the Restless this upcoming February Sweeps!