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Josh Duhamel (ex Leo, AMC) hits the big time in romantic comedy

Catch Josh Duhamel (ex Leo, AMC) in his Break Out, Feel Good Movie Role!

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Wow!  Can you believe all the Buzz generated for “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton,” this first of the year, romantic comedy starring Kate Bosworth (Blue Crush, Wonderland), Topher Grace (Traffic, That 70’s Show) and our very own, Josh Duhamel (ex Leo, AMC; Danny McCoy, Las Vegas)?  I can. There’s Buzz because the movie works. It’s fun, upbeat and boy gets girl in the end -- but which boy?  The hottie movie star who changes his life for the small town girl? Or, the boy-next-door grocery store manager who has loved her all his life? 

You’ll find out when you go to see this fun feature film!  It opens nationwide, Friday, January 23, 2004.

Soapdom was at the premiere on January 9th at the Crest Theatre in LA.  It was a true Hollywood madhouse.  Fans screaming from cars driving by in the streets.  The crush of reporters, cameramen, stars and their “handlers.” 

Along with all the cast from the film, other young Hollywood notables graced the red carpet.  We spotted Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and her sister who looks just like her.  Arlen Escarpeta from American Dreams showed up.  Paul Reiser, a friend of the writer, was there with his wife. 

Molly Simms, Duhamel’s co-star from Vegas was there, as were Laura Prepon and Danny Masterson (Donna and Steve, That 70’s Show), who were looking awfully cozy as they walked the red carpet arm and arm.  Other popular That 70’s Show castmember, Ashton Kutcher (Michael) was no where to be found.  It was reported that Duhamel’s Las Vegas co-star, Vanessa Marcil (ex Brenda, GH) was expected, but we didn’t see her and don’t think she made it.

A pleasent surprise was seeing ex AMC co-star Jonathan Bennett (ex Jamie) who is also out in LA trying to catch a break in Hollywood.  Although both he and Josh have remained friends since their days together on AMC, Bennett confessed that they don't get a chance to hang out much these days. "Josh is so busy with the TV show and this film,"  said Bennett.  But he was glad to come out and support his friend for the premiere.

At one point, as Duhamel was being rushed into the theatre for the “money shot” (that’s the photo where all the stars stand in front of the one-sheet poster in the theatre lobby), the reporter next to me shouted out that her publication had voted Duhamel the Sexiest Man of the Year, and did he have a comment?  He turned back and said “Really?” genuinely taken by surprise at such a distinction, but that was all he was permitted to muster, as his people hustled him inside. 

We predict that although Josh Duhamel may not yet possess the “star power” of his Tad Hamilton counterpart, after this film and his TV show, Las Vegas, he most certainly will!

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Exclusive Photos of the Premiere
Soapdom's Review with Movie Pix
Exclusive Interview with Josh Duhamel (Coming soon)

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