Special Preview ~ End of Year Storylines

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2005 Goes Out with a Bang!


 hspace=10 xsrc=Ho Ho Ho!  Here’s what’s in store for your favorite soaps over the holidays, plus some bonus 2006 previews!

All My Children

AMC Tad and Dixie fans you asked for it, you got it.  And it's OFFICIAL. Cady McClain is returning to All My Children as Dixie Cooney Martin!  McClain will return to the show on December 23 and it will follow through to December 26!  Will her scenes involve flashbacks to "wishing on a Christmas star" of long ago, or is her return the start of a new long-term storyline?  Is Dixie truly alive, or is she just a figment of Tad's imagination? At Christmastime, Tad and Dixie always wished upon a Christmas star to be together forever.  Will this Christmas be any different?  Or is Dixie returning as a vision to offer Tad advice about moving on with his life – maybe with Di?  Find out on December 23!  Plus, Kendall has been struggling with her feelings for Zach.  Watch for her to make up her mind about her future as the year winds down.  Question is, does it have to do with following her heart or her brain?   But that’s not all.  A Santa Claus is not who he seems.  In fact, he proves treacherous to Little Adam when he whisks the child away through the tunnels of Chandler Mansion.  Will JR get to his son back before it’s too late?  And why is a woman dressed as yet another Santa?  More importantly, which woman?  Meanwhile, its romance to the hilt as Erica and Jack take a break from the hustle and bustle of the season to spend some quality time together. AMC is sure to be jam packed this holiday. Be sure to tune in!

 hspace=10 xsrc=As the World Turns

Christmas in Oakdale brings change and reflection to many of its residents.  At the Christmas Eve service, Jennifer lovingly offers Gwen a place in her baby's life while Gwen gazes upon the infant Jesus wishing for a baby to replace her loss.  Meanwhile, Dusty finds evidence of Meg's participation in concealing the truth surrounding Jennifer's baby.  Over at the Snyder farm, Lily and Holden's love remains strong, despite Keith's hold on Lily and his intrusion on their family Christmas celebration.  Big things ahead in Oakdale this holiday.  Don’t miss a minute.

Bold and the Beautiful

Felicia's return to Los Angeles causes many of her friends and family to find forgiveness and compassion for one another during the holidays.  The Forrester family reunites as true Christmas miracles unfold.  The magic of the season especially touches Bridget and Nick on their first Christmas as husband and wife.  It’s romance and family to the hilt.  Be sure to put B&B on your holiday to-do list.

 hspace=10 xsrc=Days of our Lives

Continuing its unprecedented partnership with the Rolling Stones, Days of our Lives has taped scenes featuring four of its core characters attending the November 4th Rolling Stones concert in Anaheim, California. Footage of the Days characters at the Stones concert will air December 16, 19 and 20.  On November 4, Days of our Lives sent four of its most popular actors to Anaheim, California for the Rolling Stones concert. The Days characters were prominently featured in the audience at the concert and shown on the big screen behind stage as The Stones performed.  "Having Days of our Lives actors attend the Rolling Stones concert was an amazing opportunity to take this partnership to the next level," said Annamarie Kostura, Vice President, NBC Daytime Programs. "Fan reaction to the Rolling Stones video premiere and the reception that the Days actors received at the concert illustrate the show's continued relevance in pop culture in this, its fortieth year."  Randy Miller, Virgin Records' Executive Vice President, Marketing, noted, "with Days of our Lives celebrating its 40th anniversary and its continued popularity as the #1 daytime drama amongst women 18-34, the show was the perfect vehicle for continuing to promote the Rolling Stones' new CD A Bigger Bang."  Rolling Stones concerts notwithstanding, Austin continues in his corporate takeover plan.  Chelsea has an accident, and what Christmas in Salem would be complete without the annual tree trimming at Alice’s home?  Certainly not this one, so get your hankies ready for another tender and touching Christmas with the Hortons. 

Days Bonus 2006 Previews!

Austin and Carrie become closer. Sami tries to win Austin back. Marlena’s life is threatened. Bo and Hope’s marriage is put to the test. Jennifer and Frankie explore sharing a life together. Both Belle and Philip and Shawn and Mimi’s relationships are threatened when others learn of Claire’s true paternity. 

 hspace=10 xsrc=General Hospital

Christmas week begins as Emily admits her true feelings. Who does she tell?  Does she come clean to Sonny or someone else?  More importantly, how will the listener react?  At the same time, when Carly gets disappointing news in regard to her Christmas plans, she tries to make the best of it.  And get this!  It looks like Manny is a changed man.  He no longer wants to kill Jason. In fact, he attempts to make amends for his past misdeeds.  What caused this about face?  Is it real or a sham?   Shortly thereafter, Sonny and Emily find themselves caught in quite the embarrassing situation.  Will it bring them closer together or push them farther apart?  Meantime, Alcazar realizes that shaking his feelings for Carly is not going to be that easy.  Its mishaps and new beginnings on GH for the holidays.  Be sure to tune in.

 hspace=10 xsrc=Guiding Light

Christmas in Springfield is about miracles and family, and how they can make or break your holiday.  Tammy returns home and asks her family to accept Jonathan.  Gus and Harley enjoy their first married Christmas as Gus worries about the very real threat of Alan.  Meanwhile, Dinah gives herself the best gift when she opens up to Mallet.  Some familiar faces -- Vanessa, Hawk...




...and Rusty – return home for the holidays.  Lot’s of surprises ahead.  Be sure to keep your remote glued to Guiding Light.

 hspace=10 xsrc=One Life to Live

As Christmas draws near, both Cristian and John struggle with their feelings for Natalie. Speaking of Natalie, she tries her best to deal with the situation, especially when she receives new information regarding Cristian’s incarceration.  At the same time, Dorian and David remain at odds, as Spencer again reaches out to his brother.   Shortly thereafter, Viki, Natalie and Jessica share a warm family moment, unfortunately things are not looking quite so wonderful for Nash.  In fact, his life hangs in the balance.  Is he doomed?  Meanwhile, Duke and Rex face off about Adriana as Blair writes a letter and gets it to Todd. How will Todd react to the missive?  And finally, as Asa’s New Year’s Eve party draws closer, Spencer embarks on a sinister plan to thwart the festivities. What does the crafty surgeon have up his sleeve this time?  You’ll find out during the holidays on One Life to Live.

 hspace=10 xsrc=Passions

There’s no place like Harmony for the holidays!  One or two or 10 Martimmies helped Tabitha get through Thanksgiving once Endora realized her favorite holiday again arrived.  And Christmas…well, that’s another story entirely. Two characters will return with a vengeance.  Sounds like Edna and Norma are heading back to Harmony.  And a mystery woman--with a fondness for sharp blades--will make appearances all over town.  Look for the final chapter of the Passions Red saga to post at midnight, Pacific Time, the morning of Thursday, December 29th.  The identity of the Mystery Woman will be revealed exclusively online (www.passionsred.com) at that time.  Her on-air reveal will occur during the episode airing Friday, December 30th.  Plus, watch as Endora delights the townsfolk with her antics.  What does she do that causes such a stir?  At the same time, Fox and Kay make the most of some magical mistletoe.  It’s gonna be a wild and romantic ride this holiday season on Passions.  Don’t miss it.

Young and the Restless

The Christmas season works its magic on many couples in Genoa City.  Brad and Victoria's relationship continues to grow and Nick and Sharon spend some special time together.  Jack and Phyllis try to reconnect, while she and Nick vow to never reveal the secret they share.  Meanwhile, Noah's letter to Santa is answered by Daniel in a surprising and emotional way.  Also, Victor gives Nikki a most unexpected holiday gift. In addition, Tom's attempt to extricate himself from Sheila's murderous web sets in motion a chain of events over the holidays that may destroy Ashley.  See how it all plays out in late December on the Young and the Restless.