Soap Stars Get Vacations, Too ~ Part 3

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"I'm going camping." says GH's Scott Clifton.

Here’s What Your Faves are Doing this Summer

Did you ever wonder how the stars spend their summertime off time?  This is the third and final installment of a three-part series on who’s doing what for summer vacation. We cornered close to fifty soap celebs from coast to coast to find out. What’s your favorite star up to this summer?

Arriane Zuker (Nicole, DOOL) and Kyle Lowder (Brady, DOOL)  “Work.  Big story lines this summer, so we’re gonna try to make little weekend trips.  Palm Springs and Vegas – you know those wonderful little getaways.  Living in L.A., you can make all those trips.  This will be the year of many trips.”

Martha Madison (Belle, DAYS) she’s doing “a lot of events this summer, which I have never done before.  I’m hoping to hit Hawaii at the end of the summer with my boyfriend.  Farah and I are doing a fitness bootcamp this summer and I’m doing it for 12 weeks, so my boyfriend told me at the end of 12 weeks if I reach my goal, he’ll take me to Hawaii.”

Jennifer Ferrin (Jennifer, ATWT)  "Summer vacation?  It's summer?" the in-demand actress laughs, jokingly.  "I haven't really had time to plan anything, but I was thinking of getting away for the Labor Day weekend.  So that should be cool."

Aiden Turner (Aidan, AMC) “I will be going this summer to a wedding for a friend in Sweden, and I’m so excited,” Turner said. “It will be great to have a little time off, and get to explore another country. I’m from England, and everywhere I go, I’m always exploring.”

Jacob Young (JR, AMC)  Another quote:  “Just going to chill and take it easy. Isn’t that what summer is all about?” Young said. “Oh yes! I will be going to Costa Rica, and just have a grand old time.”

Scott Kinworthy (Josh, AMC) “Well lets see. I will explore a bit of Chicago, and visit some friends that will be performing at the Briar Street Theatre,” Kinworthy said. “Later in the summer I’ll be heading of to Florida to visit family and friends. It will be a blast!”

Scott Clifton (Dillon, GH) “My summer will be short, sweet, and to the point,” Clifton said. “I will go camping, and I’m in talks on doing a movie.”

Bree Williamson (Jessica, OLTL) Another quote:  “Well lets see! I’m Canadian, So I’m definitely going to Canada to visit my family and all of my friends,”Williamson said. “And the rest of the summer just enjoying the warm weather.”

Renee Goldsberry (Evangeline, OLTL) “Oh it will be exciting. So exciting, I can hardly wait,” Goldsberry said. “Honestly. I’m working on a very special project, and will soon make the big announcement. I wish I can say, but I can’t. It will be a summer to remember.”

Richard Steinmetz (Martin, Passions)  “I hope to go to New York to see my family, maybe take a trip to Rome (I’ve got family over there too).  I’ve got to work though too.  It all depends if I get time off.  We have football season starting too in August.  (Steinmetz coaches football at Venice High School.) I like it there in Rome.  I can play soccer - I’ll play futbol in Rome.  I’ll crush the Italians.  They don’t expect Americans to play very well – but I can play.  You go over there and they’re like, ‘Why do we have to have the American.’  But they’ll see.”

Charles Divins (Chad, Passions)  “Traveling a lot, Hawaii, New York, take a trip to Mexico…for leisure.  I try to travel for leisure as much as possible.  I’m like the ‘chillest’ person you will ever meet!”

Rick Hearst (Ric, General Hospital) “My wife and I and my children have never been to Hawaii.  So we decided that this is gonna have to be the time.  I’m coming to the end of my first 3-year contract, so I want to make sure I take advantage of the opportunity to take a vacation. So we’re gonna go out for about 5 nights, with the kids.  We’re very excited about that.”

Kate Linder (Esther, Y&R)  “What am I doing this summer?  Working!  We work all year.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s a good thing.”

Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth, GH)  “This Summer?  Let me think, well I just put my little boy in gymnastics so that’s a big thing for us.  He’s three and a half and my little girl just turned one so I’m excited about getting in the pool and going to the beach with them.  (Will her story line allow her to have time for the pool?) I always have time to get my kids in the pool!”

Ashley Jones (Bridget, B&B)  “I am working a lot this summer.  I think there’s gonna be a big conflict with Taylor back on the show.  I think we’re gonna go to Kauai this summer.  Noah’s (husband Noah Nelson) parents have a house there that we enjoy when we can.  I’m gonna try to stay here and do some guest stars or an independent if I have time.”

Dan McVicar (Clarke Garrison, B&B)  “I’m taking my son on a tour of the east coast and looking at universities from Harvard down to John Hopkins.  He’s a good student.  At this point he’s interested in Columbia, so we’re gonna go experience New York City and see how he feel’s after that. That’s the beginning of my summer, so after that I want to swim in the ocean and climb a big mountain.”

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