Patrika Darbo is back, and ready to stir the kettle

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Patrika Darbo (Nancy, Days of our Lives)The mother from hell is back!  And she is ready to stir the kettle and create chaos and havoc, the two things she best knows how to do . But to Patrika Darbo, who plays Nancy Wesley on Days of our Lives, all her intentions are of good nature and she means no harm.

“Me the mother from hell? Oh honey…I have to tell you, everything I do is with the best intentions,” Darbo laughs. “I’m a mother and I would do anything for my daughter. It’s like the ying and yang. We may go back and forth, but I am a loving mom and full of good intentions. I am all heart.”

Darbo has been back now a few weeks and she has a purpose and that is to make someone’s life a living hell. Her daughter Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) has a son and wants to get back with the baby’s father. The problem?

The father does not want her, but another woman, so what’s a mother to do? Well…we’ll have to wait and see.

Darbo received a call from the powers that be to come back and reprise the role of Nancy. “I was thrilled. I was overjoyed!"  She said. “I mean Nancy is and has been just such a big part of my life. Honestly, she should have been back a long time ago.”

Darbo refers to her character as the “American Scene.” “I am the lady you meet on the street. I am people like you, and I am the one shopping with you in the grocery store.” Darbo, who is a full size gal and is drop dead attractive, just loves the character of Nancy, the wit and charm about her. People relate to her.

“I’d love to take over the hospital. Bring back my TV husband, Craig (played by Kevin Spirtas), and once again…the Wesley’s rule,” Darbo exuberates.

She also has bonded with Bjorlin. The two have become close, like real mother and daughter. Darbo said, that since Bjorlin’s real mom is in Sweden, she feels like she is her mom in place around here. “You know…Nadia and I go back a long way. I mean she grew up around me. I’m there for her. In real-life I have no children, so Nadia feels very close to me.”

Darbo also would like to work with more characters, including, Lauren Koslow (Kate) saying that she is just a wonderful actress. And what about Stefano (Joseph Mascolo)? “I’d bring him down in a heart beat.” she enthused.

Darbo, a veteran in the entertainment business, has lately been getting into directing and has done an episode of “Miss Behave,” the online webisode (starring former Days star Jillian Clare, ex Abby) for which she won an award.  She admits that even though she loves acting, she enjoys directing and in the future hopes to do much more.

Soapdom wants to know, what would you like to tell your many fans?  “Three words.  I love them.”