Passions Galen Gering

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Heading back to Harmony


 hspace=10 src=He’s been missing in action from Harmony for many moons. Well, Passions Luis fans, get ready. He’s on his way back to town!  Soapdom caught up with Galen Gering (Luis) just before he started taping new scenes for Passions. We found out what he’s been doing since he’s been out of sight in Harmony, how he thought he’d be back during February Sweeps, only to find out his return was scheduled for early March, and how much he misses his Passions family.  Oh and yes, he was sporting a little facial hair!  One thing we've learned about Gering from this interview. He's a man of few words!  Read on…

Soapdom: What’s been keeping you busy since you’ve not been in Harmony?

Galen Gering:  All kinds of stuff. First and foremost, I’m having a son. 

Soapdom: Oh, congratulations

Galen Gering:  That’s really exciting news for me. I’ve also been busy with two house renovation  projects. That’s been really exciting.  They’re both sort of restoration projects because both the properties are from the 20’s. [They are] old Spanish properties, so that’s a lot of fun.  Along with that and the son, I did a short film.  I had an opportunity to do a longer film, but I didn’t really want to be away for two months because I had a lot going on, you know?   I did this short film called “Mien Leipshien,” which was a lot of fun and… what the Hell else have I been doing?

Soapdom:  Is “Mien Leipshien” going to go out to film festivals?

Galen Gering:  Yeah, it’ll go to festivals.

Soapdom:  Well, that’s quite a lot to keep you busy.

Galen Gering:  …and I’m playing a lot of volleyball and I’ve been up to Mammoth, up in the mountains a lot.  That’s been it. It’s been good actually. 
Soapdom: So when are you scheduled to start back taping?

Galen Gering:  Monday.

Soapdom: When are you first going to air?

Galen Gering:  Ya know, I’m not sure.  Hey Scott (Pasisons publicist), when do I start airing? 

Scott:  March 8th.

Galen: March 8th, yeah that’s a ways out huh?  How’s that February sweeps if it’s airing March 8th?  It’s not.

Scott:  Don’t look at me.

Galen Gering:  I’m just saying…

Soapdom: You’re going to be following up February sweeps.

Galen Gering: Yeah, I’ll be cleaning it up.

Soapdom: You’re going to be kicking off the first of after the February sweeps.

Galen Gering:  Exactly!

Soapdom: Are you looking forward to working with McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) again? Are you going to be working with her?

Galen Gering:  Yeah I’m sure.  And she’s also pregnant.

Soapdom: And has a new love interest.

Galen Gering:  Oh yeah-- that too.  So it should be fun.  I miss it, you know.  I miss the family [at Passions] and the good times we have.

And we’ve missed Luis!  He returns to Harmony this week, so stay tuned!