Passions Amelia Marshall

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Marshall believes in helping.

Amelia Marshall on Liz, TC, Sam, the Shed and more!

“I'm great. I did find West Covina,” Passions' Amelia Marshall quipped when I ran into her recently at an event called Balls of Fire and asked how she was doing. Balls of Fire was a bowling tournament where celebrities got to play to raise money for Aids/HIV awareness. It was held at the West Covina Bowl in West Covina, CA, an LA suburb about 20 miles to the east of downtown Los Angeles.

But Marshall sobered up as she explained why this particular event held such a special meaning for her.

"I was in New York when the whole aids epidemic exploded," she recalled. "Balls of Fire is a cause in finding a cure, and being able to support the people who are living with it and surviving with it. Anything that contributes to helping the cause, I am always happy to attend."

We then jumped right into Passions and the deliciously devious Liz.  If Marshall had her wish, what would she like to see happen with the character?

"My fantasy storyline would be to have a triangle with Sam and TC! That really works for me," she said with a giggle.  But then pondered:  "Is that realistic? I don’t know. But they are best friends, and I should come between the two best friends." 

We both agreed that neither of us would put it past Liz.  If anyone could work such a triangle it would be Liz. She is the type of character that would and could definitely scheme to do something like that. Just for fun!  Can't you just imagine the havoc?  Not to mention the luck.  Wouldn't it be many a girls' dream come true to be sought after by two such charming and gorgeous men?

Next, we talked about what’s in the shed. Finally after five years…
Was it fun to finally know? 

"It was. It wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be in there," she admitted.  "I had made up some contorted ideas of what was in there. But (as it turned out), it was contorted on another level. Here was the wreck.  It is a wreck that TC hasn’t been able to let go of. So TC is just as psychotic as Liz is as far as I am concerned.  And because of the twist – because James Reilly is so brilliant – oh wait. But I can’t say who was driving can I?"  No we agreed at that time, which was back in May.  Suffice to say that we should all just Stay tuned!