OLTL's Danny Gauthier

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Trying hard not to break up on the set.

On Set Cut-Ups!

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Did you ever wonder what was really going on in the actor's minds when they were taping their scenes?  Well, for One Life to Live's Danny Gauthier (Kevin), it's hard to keep a straight face, especially when he's working with his favorite co-star, arch enemy Trevor St. John's Todd Manning.

"Our characters are total enemies on the show," Gauthier said with a smile. "But Trevor St. John (Todd( and I are actually best friends!"

Gauthier went on to reveal this Inside the Bubble secret that sounds like it could be fun to check out. 

"Watch for whenever I am doing a scene with Trevor and notice whether we are making eye contact with one another."  He went on to share that sometimes in certain scenes they can't even look at each other, or otherwise they will burst out laughing, which would be totally inappropriate because in their scenes together, their characters are arch-rivals and would NEVER share a laugh!

Did You Know?
Soapdom met up with Gauthier at the Marco Island Film Festival last May. This weekend fan event was the first time Gauthier ever met many of the other celebrities in attendance --  except for Kurt McKinney.  Gauthier and McKinney are friendly because they know each other from working together in the past on General Hospital. During the Marco Island Film Fest Celebrity Weekend, Gauthier couldn't have been more up-beat and positive the entire weekend.