Jeanne Cooper knows how to jingle those bells

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Jeanne Cooper, Katherine, Young and RestlessIf anyone knows how to haul out the hollies and deck the halls it is Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) of The Young and Restless. And she does it in pure Katherine Chancellor style in real-life.

"Of course! Class all the way. I wouldn't have it any other way," Cooper jokingly said. "Every year I look forward to the holidays, the decorating, the family, and the food."

Christmas Day is big at the Cooper household. It's a gathering place for the children and grandchildren, but this year, some of Cooper's children will be celebrating at a villa in Italy, while others will celebrate with her here.

"This year I have family coming from all four corners," she said. "Also, the grandkids are grown. We are talking college age, so there will be a lot of catching up."

The table will be catered with ham, turkey, sides, and a lot of love. Even though Cooper does not do the cooking, she does the planning with a caterer to make sure everything is special. "I also have someone help me with the d├ęcor, but I am there. I guide every move and have just as much fun as if I were doing it myself."

Cooper said that Christmas Day is for sitting, football games, movies, and just doing what everyone wants, and of course...eating. "In our world with all the tragedy going on, it is great to be with the people you cherish and love," Cooper explained. "You know...every year I look forward to this day and remembering old memories and creating new."

Cooper, being the Grand Dame that she is, will also keep up the annual tradition of celebrating the New Year in Vegas. "Oh heavens yes! I catch up with friends and my sister, who is in her eighties. I do the town and have a ball."

Cooper has much to celebrate in the New Year. Recently, she released her memoir called, "Not Young, Still Restless."  It is in the top five of the best sellers, and Cooper is beside herself.

"Who would of thought? Certainly not me," she said. "A lot has gone into this book, and I hope the fans and the people that buy it, enjoy it."

Cooper has had quite a career in Hollywood and is still going strong. She added that in the book there are at least two shockers that the fans may be surprised to find out about her.

Soapdom wants to know why did you write the book and how long did it take?  "I did this with a lot of planning. First: I want to give back a piece of myself to the public. I am on the screen, but I really want them to know me. And second: The fans have been so supportive that I feel like we are close friends and that is how I want them to feel."

NOTE: "Not Young, Still Restless" is available at and various bookstores. Call to check. And Copper will be doing book signings in various cities. (To be announced. Stay tuned to Soapdom for the schedule to find out if she'll be in a city near you!)