Inside the Bubble ~ Soap Stars Get Vacation, Too! 2007

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Ever wonder where some of your favorite soap celebs spend their vacation time?  Wonder no more…


Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn (Marlena and John, DOOL)In 2006, many Days of our Lives fans were less than happy when the show separated one of their all time favorite couples, John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena (Deidre Hall).  As you can imagine, it was a happy day indeed when the two finally reunited and were able to again express their love to each other.  But then, the unexpected happened.  No sooner were John and Marlena back together, they were conveniently written off the show for several weeks (or was it months?) and the fans were outraged. “They finally get back together and now they’re off the show?  How cruel,” one fan wrote Soapdom. 

Truth is how can you have Marlena and John airing on the program, when their portrayers have chosen to take their vacation time? 

Yes, my cyber friends, soap stars get vacation, too, and for the past several years, Soapdom has nailed down tons of your favorite soap actors to find out if they had plans for summer vacation.  Many actors schedule exotic trips with friends and family. Others opt to visit with loved ones.  Still some, who are currently in major storylines, must forfeit a summer break to make sure our soaps in the summer continue to rock and roll. 

This year is no different. We chatted up stars on both coasts and here’s what they shared with Soapdom regarding their free time for summer 2007.

Kassie dePaiva (Blair, One Life to Live)Kassie De Paiva (Blair, OLTL): My family is going to Italy in August -- to Venice.  And, I’ve never been so I’m really looking to have some nice wine and great food.  We’re staying for ten days and will be taking day trips all over northern Italy. 

Lawrence Saint-Victor (Remy, GL): If I could take a summer vacation, I would love to go to Hawaii.  Or just somewhere it’s warm and there’s a beach.”

Justine Bruening (Jamie, All My Children)Justin Breuning (Jamie, AMC) from the Red Carpet of the Daytime Emmys in Los Angeles: If we had time to take a summer vacation. This is probably it right here. I’m taking it.  Alexa [Havins (Babe, AMC), Bruening’s wife] is back in New York at work. As far as summer vacations go, we take ours at random times, not really during the summer. We take them over Christmas so we can see our families.  If I’m not working, she’s working.   That’s the problem. That’s why we like it when we’re working together. So, then we can plan things and actually go on trips. We were going to go to St. John’s in the Caribbean for July 4th.  Instead our families are coming to New York. 

David Chisum (Miles, OLTL): I’m going to see family in Atlanta.

Kate Linder (Esther, Y&R): I have no idea, since I’m the celebrity spokesperson for ALS, and it takes up a great deal of time.  My brother-in-law suffers from Lou Gerghig’s Disease and I am out there trying to raise awareness.

Amanda Baker (Jolene, GH: Nightshift): I’ve always wanted to go to Italy, somewhere on the coast.  That would be my dream vacation.

Angel Wainwright (Regina, GH: Nightshift): I hear that Iceland or Nova Scotia’s really beautiful. Really clean water, lots of clean skies, lots of woodlands, wildlife.

Nazanin Boniadi (Leyla, GH: Nightshift): South of France

Darcy Rose Byrne (Abby, Y&R): New York, maybe.

Christina Chambers (Marty, OLTL): I am an outdoorsy, type, so Maui. I’m going to Ireland in three weeks.

Ewa Da Cruz (Vienna, ATWT): I’m going home to Norway for two weeks.

Kathy Brier (Marcy, One Life to Live)Sebastian Roche (James Craig/Jerry Jacks, GH): Might go to Kenya or Uganda or maybe Southeast Asia, I don’t know.

Kathy Brier (Marcie, OLTL):  I’m not taking a summer vacation.  I hope to go to Hawaii, this winter.

Annie Wersching (Amelia, GH): Actually, I’m going to Disneyland in two weeks with my Mom and the rest of my family.

Melissa Archer (Natalie, AMC): This year, I’d rather not disclose.

Kristen Alderson (Starr, One Life to Live)Kristen Alderson (Star, OLTL): I don’t have anything planned. I’ll probably go to the Jersey Shore a little bit.

Brittany Underwood (Langston, OLTL): Maybe a day at the shore.

Portia Reiners (Britney, OLTL): I go down to the shore with my friends.

Brandon Buddy (Cole, OLTL): Maybe go back home to Texas.

Bree Williamson (Jessica, OLTL): Osage Beach in Canada.

Murray Bartlett (Cyrus, GL): Byron Bay, Australia

Rachel Melvin (Chelsea, Days of our Lives)Rachel Melvin (Chelsea, DOOL): I never go on vacation.  I take after my parents. I’m actually moving and I’m working quite a bit so I’m not going to be able to go anywhere.

Michelle Ray Smith, (Ava, GL): I would love to go to North Fork at the end of Long Island and go to the wineries out there.  We just did that.  It’s so fun and it’s not too far from NY, so you can jump in the car and you’re there.

Stephanie Johnson (Shayna Rose, DOOL): The Bahamas

Darin Brooks (Max, DOOL): Usually, it’s home in Hawaii, just because my family is there and  I was born and raised there.  If I get a chance I’ll go explore New York.  Or Italy.  I’ve been there once and I’m going back.

Matthew Ashford (Jack, DOOL): It might be Vancouver.

Dominic Raines (Dr. Leo Julian, GH: Nightshift): I’m supposed to go to Charlotte and I think my bother and I and a couple of friends are going to Greece.

Brandon Beemer, (Sean, DOOL): I’m going to Cancun.

Ty Treadway (ex- Colin and Troy, OLTL): No summer vacation this year since I start taping and hosting, Merv Griffin’s Crossword on July 9th.

Marcy Rylan (Lizzie, Guiding Light)Marcy Rylan (Lizzie, GL): Tulum, Mexico, about 2 hours south of Cancun.  My sister’s teaching yoga on the beach.  My mom and I, we’re all going down.

Nathaniel Marston (Michael, OLTL): Brazil.  My wife and I have an apartment there.  My wife’s originally from Brazil. 

Kim Zimmer (Reva, GL): I have a brother-in-law that lives in Oregon and it stays a little cooler out there…or up there.  That’s right, we’re up.  See, I think I’m in New Jersey.

Gina Tognoni (Dinah, Guiding Light)Gina Tognoni (Dinah, GL): We are actually leaving first thing in the morning for Riviera Maya, in Mexico, about 30 miles south of Cancun.

Hunter Allen (Noah, Y&R): I’d like to go to Maine.

Bradford Anderson (Spinelli, GH): I want to go to Hawaii. I’ve never been there and it’s darn time I get there.

Dylan Fergus (Noah, Passions)Dylan Fergus (Noah, Passions): I’m taking my girlfriend to Alaska. We’re going up to this wonderful place called Camp Denali National Park.  They teach you all about ecology and you see some bears.  I’d like to say I’ll catch some fish, but I’m the camper who comes with the kitchen and the people who serve the fish and catch the fish.  You’ll see a picture of me holding a fishing rod, but I won’t be actually catching anything.

Walt Willey (Jackson, AMC): I’m going to my home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to my B&B, so I can rake up more animal poop.  That’s my vacation.

Marie Wilson (Meg, ATWT): We are going to spend two weeks in the Maldives, which are off the coast of India.

Kamar De Los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL): Greece.  The Ukraine.  Not sure exactly where, but part of charity group, The Gabriel Project to pick up a child and bring he or she back.

Winsor Harmon (Thorne, B&B)Windsor Harmon (Thorne, B&B): We’re probably going to go to a little place called Sarasota, Florida. Just playing on the beach and drinking Pina Coladas all day.  Nobody’s there.

Heidi Mueller (Kay, Passions): I’m going home to Ohio -- Cincinnati.

Emily Harper (Fancy, Passions): We get a hiatus in July and some times I go to Hawaii with my family. This year I’m going to stay close to home and bar-b-que with friends.

Liza Huber (Gwen, Passions): We’re going home to New York for a week, take the baby home, and spend time with the family, see some friends.

Galen Gering (Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, Passions): I love the mountains and I love the beach, the Ansel Adams wilderness!

Adrienne Frantz (Amber, Y&R, B&B): Probably, Hawaii.

Levin Rambin (Lily/Ava, AMC)Daniel Goddard (Cane, Y&R): If I get time off, I’ll probably go back to Australia and see the family.  I have a 16-month old baby that my 93-year old grandmother hasn’t seen yet.

Leven Rambin (Lily & Ava, AMC): :  I’m going to LA to work, but I can’t say anything about it.

Christian LeBlanc (Michael, Y&R): New Orleans, baby!

Michael Easton (John, OLTL): Italy.  My wife’s from Calabria.

Kristoff St. John (Neil, Y&R): I don’t go on vacation.  I have three kids. Every week-end is a vacation, Magic Mountain, Disneyland, you name it.

Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth, GH): Hawaii, where I got married and we haven’t been back in six years.