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Lisa LoCicero (Olivia, General Hospital) (c)SOADOM/Laurie BedigianLisa LoCicero Comes Home to Michigan

At a recent fan event in her home state of Michigan, ‘General Hospital’s’ Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) took a few moments to speak with Soapdom.

LoCicero (Olivia) and her co-star Kelly Sullivan (Kate) were in town to mingle with fans in Troy, Michigan recently along with former ‘GHer’ Jen Lilley (ex Maxie).

The three (along with LoCicero’s parents) had literally just driven into town a few hours prior following a fan event in Chicago.

Just moments before the event, the always lovely LoCicero sat down to speak with Soapdom about her character and some of her very talented co-stars.

 Soapdom: What are your feelings on this vulnerable side of Olivia we’re seeing lately?

Lisa LoCicero: It’s so much fun to have a new area to go into with this character. She’s always been a really strong character b but to give her something with a legitimate sense of vulnerability to it – particularly in the psychological sense – because her strong mind has always been so important to her. For that to be in question for Olivia is a big deal. She’s really kind of up a tree and doesn’t know how to handle it. And she usually knows how to handle things. This is new territory for Olivia.

Soapdom: Do you believe some people have the ‘gift’ for seeing things before they happen?

LoCicero: Yes, I absolutely do. I don’t claim to know how it works. I say this because I’ve had direct experience with people who told me some stuff – I believe there are some people who have a special understanding of things that I can’t really explain.

Soapdom: Talk about working with Bradford Anderson (Spinelli).

LoCicero: He’s fun and he’s a pro – and he’s delightful. It allowed Olivia to have some humorous (sort of) exasperation. That’s something that sits very well on Olivia. The scenes with Bradford and Robin (Mattson, Heather) were some of my favorite scenes.

Soapdom: Speaking of Robin Mattson, talk about working with her.

LoCicero: It was just a dream come true to work with Robin. I used to come home from school and watch ‘GH’ – my storyline was Joe Kelly and Heather. The whole story with baby Steven Lars and the fact he’s grown and now that character is my boyfriend is so full circle – it’s really delightful. Robin has been a dream and a friend too. She had my husband and me over for dinner. She’s a class act. I’ve really been lucky that she’s been a part of my storyline.

Thanks to Lisa LoCicero for always making time to speak with Soapdom. For more on Lisa LoCicero, visit her official website.

Lisa LoCicero, Kelly Sullivan (Olivia, Kate/Connie, General Hospital) (c)SOADOM/Laurie Bedigian


Lisa LoCicero, Kelly Sullivan (Olivia, Kate/Connie, General Hospital) (c)SOADOM/Laurie Bedigian