Inside The Bubble ~ General Hospital's Rebecca Herbst

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The lovely Rebecca Herbst talks shop, beauty secrets, motherhood, and more

Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth, General Hospital)Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth, General Hospital) hails from Encino, California. Earlier in her career, Herbst appeared in numerous national television commercials. She also has some impressive television credits including L.A. Law, Beverly Hills, 90210, Step By Step, and Boy Meets World. Herbst joined the cast of General Hospital in 1997 as the rebellious daughter of Dr. Jeff Webber. Since then, her character has been paired with some of the soap's most interesting and eligible bachelors including Lucky, Jason, and Nikolas.

Herbst is married to former General Hospital co-star, Michael Saucedo (ex Juan). The couple has two children. The lovely and talented Herbst

took a few moments out of her busy schedule to talk with Soapdom recently. Here's what she had to say:

SOAPDOM: Is it true you started acting when you were only five? What was your first professional acting job?

REBECCA HERBST: My first acting job was a commercial for Banner toilet paper. I was only 6 years old!

SOAPDOM: Was your original dream to be a professional figure skater? What changed your mind? Do you still skate?

HERBST: I never dreamed of being a professional figure skater. My nerves couldn't handle the competition! Since I had my kids, I've only been skating twice; now I'm too afraid of falling!

SOAPDOM: The return of Jonathan Jackson must be bitter sweet, given that it means the loss of Greg Vaughan. Were you surprised when you heard that Jonathan was coming back to the role he created?

HERBST: I was shocked and saddened to learn Greg had been let go and really surprised Jonathan agreed to come back!

Rebecca Herbst, Jonathan Jackson (Elizabeth, Lucky, GH) (c)ABCSOAPDOM: Have you worked with Jonathan yet? If so, was it a difficult transition or was it comfortable like it was in the past?

HERBST: There's always a transition when you've worked with one actor for so many years. But after the second day, Jonathan and I fell right back into the same groove we had ten years ago.

SOAPDOM: Tell us a little bit about Greg and what it was like to work with him. What did you think when you heard he was leaving the show? What you'll miss most about him?

HERBST: There are a few qualities you hope for in an acting partner. You want to feel safe, be able to trust your partner and also be supported. All of this and more I got from Greg. He is a genuine person with such a loving heart. Right from the start I felt comfortable working with him. As always, there was a transition from one actor to another, but Greg quickly became "Lucky" not only in the eyes of the fans, but mine as well. Selfishly, I was devastated when I heard he was leaving. But this only opens the door for Greg to do other things I know he's been itching to do!

Rebecca Herbst, Tyler Christopher (Elizabeth, Nikolas, GH) (c)ABCSOAPDOM: Did you ever imagine the possibility of Elizabeth being romantically paired with Nikolas? What do you think of the pairing?

HERBST: Years ago I thought the pairing of Elizabeth and Nikolas seemed so obvious because of the sibling rivalry. But then it didn't happen. So, yes, I was shocked when this came about! Now the two characters have so much history, it's more complicated than ever!

SOAPDOM: If you could choose the man for Elizabeth, who would it be and why?

HERBST: Do I have to pick just one? Mondays are for Lucky, Wednesdays she'll take Nikolas and the weekend is reserved for Jason. Why not?

SOAPDOM: You must know that Liason fans are some of the most supportive and passionate people out there. Were you disappointed when you learned that Jason and Elizabeth were over?

HERBST: I was as shocked and disappointed as all the fans. Steve and I hoped Jason and Elizabeth could have taken their relationship to the next level or at least just enjoy being a couple for more than 30 seconds.

SOAPDOM: You must want to see Elizabeth find happiness. Do you think that will ever happen?

Greg Vaughan (ex Lucky, GH), Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth, GH)  (c)ABCHERBST: If Elizabeth were a real person, I would say she absolutely would find happiness one day. It might not be anytime soon, but she deserves it. My personal opinion is, in Port Charles, happy people equal no storyline. Therefore, I hope Elizabeth has to overcome more obstacles and survive tragic circumstances and never even knows the meaning of happiness until she's 80!

SOAPDOM: Is Halloween a big day at the Herbst/Saucedo house since it's also Ethan's birthday? What will the kids be dressing up as and are you making their costumes?

HERBST: The Saucedo home is one big party on Halloween! Every year we have our closest friends and family over for food and Ethan's famous "spider" cake (he gets the same one every year), and then we go trick-or-treating until the kids can't carry their candy bags! This year Ethan (who is turning 8!) will be a ninja...any character that can carry a sword is pretty cool, right now. Ella (she's 5) is going to be the princess from the Princess and the Frog. I never make their costumes; I can't compete with the Disney Store!

SOAPDOM: Do you and Michael dress up on Halloween?

HERBST: Sometimes we dress up. Last year I was Cruella De Ville. This year I think I'm going to be a witch. Michael said that's not a real stretch.

SOAPDOM: Do either of your children have an interest in acting? Is that something you and Michael would encourage if they wanted to do it?

HERBST: Both of our children are little entertainers. They also have a real passion for music. We don't discourage acting, but we don't encourage it either. The most important thing is that they get to be kids and have parents that support their dreams!

SOAPDOM: You have beautiful skin. Tell us about your daily skin care regiment. How long have you been using Purpose products? What made you start using them and what are your favorite products in the Purpose line?

HERBST: My mother turned me on to the Purpose line when I was 15 years old! The gentle cleansing wash is awesome. It's soap free so it doesn't dry out my skin, and it removes my make up with out stinging my eyes! The Purpose Moisturizer with spf 15 is a lightweight daily moisturizer that not only protects my skin from the sun's harmful rays, but also leaves my skin feeling clean and soft, not greasy like most sun blocks. It's important to cleanse your skin twice a day, moisturize morning and night and use a daily sun block.

SOAPDOM: Do you wear makeup on your off days?

HERBST: If I'm at home, absolutely not. But, truth be told, if I'm running around I need a little color in my cheeks...otherwise, I'm so pale, I look like a zombie!

SOAPDOM: You're part of the "Shop Like a Soap Star" tour again this year. Fans must appreciate the opportunity to meet you in such a casual atmosphere. What do you enjoy most about doing those particular fan events?

HERBST: I love that it is such a casual environment! The fans and I really get a chance to talk; No one's rushing the line through. I enjoy hearing their likes and dislikes and where they think my character should be going or what she should be doing!

SOAPDOM: We know you have an official website but do you have an official Facebook page?

HERBST: No, but Michael's on Twitter.

Thanks so much to Rebecca Herbst for taking the time to talk with Soapdom. Be sure and watch for Herbst weekdays on General Hospital on ABC. Check your local listings for times. For more on Herbst, visit her official website