Inside The Bubble ~ General Hospital's Josh Duhon

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The Texas boy who quickly became a household name and a fan favorite


Josh Duhon (Logan, General Hospital)Texas native, Josh Duhon (Logan, General Hospital), has quickly become a daytime favorite and a household name.  The son of a United States Army Green Beret, Duhon says acting wasn’t his original career choice.  After high school, he attended a local college, working toward a degree in business finance.  He began his acting career at 21. 

Duhon’s first acting job was an episode of Criminal Minds.  After that came two episodes of Passions.  Next came the “surfer” movie, Boxboarders, which was released in 2006.  In early 2007, Duhon got his break when he was cast as Logan Hayes on General Hospital.  Logan was revealed to be the son of veteran character, Scott Baldwin.  Logan was eventually paired with Lulu Spencer, the daughter of Scott’s hated enemy, Luke Spencer.  The hope was that Logan and Lulu would eventually become the “new” Luke and Laura.

Duhon confirms he will soon leave the role he originated in March of 2007.  Since Duhon will be working until mid August, Logan should exit the canvas around the beginning of September.  Unfortunately, Duhon can’t comment on how Logan will exit.  Duhon says he’s ready to move to the next phase in his career and he has some films and other projects “in the works.”  He’s happy with the work he’s done on General Hospital and has no regrets.  Duhon says he would absolutely consider doing another soap.  “I loved working in daytime.  It was a thrill ride,” he said. 

Duhon stressed that the actors on General Hospital are the “best in daytime” television.   He did say he was disappointed that the relationship between Scott and Logan wasn’t developed further.  “I wish the whole storyline would have been explored a little more.  I thought it was such a great father/son story.” 

Duhon says he admires and respects costar Kin Shriner (Scott, GH), and he’s enjoyed the time they’ve spent working together.  If it were up to Duhon, he would have spent more time working with Shriner.

Though his fans describe him as polite and friendly, Duhon says people have the misconception that he’s just the opposite.  “I hear a lot of times that I’m a rude person or arrogant and I always find that funny,” he says.  “I’m more of an introvert.  I’m definitely a quiet guy and I think sometimes that’s misconstrued for arrogance or meanness.” 

Duhon says he’s always friendly and polite and he finds first impressions to be the most important.  As far as his relationship with his costars, Duhon says, “I hang out with just about everybody on set.”   Ingo Rademacher (Jax, GH) Kimberly McCullough (Robin, GH), and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli, GH) are just a few of the many people Duhon says he enjoys spending time with.  “I get along great with everybody,” he says.

Right now Duhon says he’s single and concentrating on his career.  “I’m pretty single. I’m kind of serious about my career and work.”

A fan favorite, Duhon has appeared at a number of events in Florida, New York, and Michigan.  In mid July, he’ll host his first fan event during the General Hospital fan club weekend.  Later that month, Duhon will appear at another fan event in New York. 

For more on Josh Duhon, fans are invited to visit his official MySpace page.  For information on Josh’s fan club and upcoming fan events, visit