Inside the Bubble ~ Cady McClain Returns to As the World Turns

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Rosanna's back!


Cady McClain (Rosanna, ATWT)After a year and a half return to All My Children as Dixie Martin, Cady McClain’s character was abruptly killed off thanks to a poisoned pancake.  After Dixie’s sudden demise, McClain was the first to say that the turn of events was disappointing as AMC producers wooed her back to Pine Valley and now this -- deader than a doornail.  But as one door closes so opens another.

McClain took several months off to put the finishing touches on her debut CD, “Blue Glitter Fish,” and perform her music at various venues on the east coast.  Before long, she was called in by As the World Turns to reprise her Daytime Emmy-winning role of Rosanna Cabot.

Cady McClain and Roger Howarth (Rosanna and Paul, As the World Turns)When we last saw Rosanna she was in a coma. And that’s just how we see her again this week.  Paul (Roger Howarth) goes to visit her.  To get access, he pretends to be Craig (Scott Bryce), who he learns, had never visited her.  His ruse works and he gets in to see her and approves the use of some experimental drug in the process.  After he leaves, she utters his name:  “Paul.”  Looks like she will soon be coming out of that coma. 

In a recent interview, McClain told SPW that everyone at ATWT was happy to see her upon her return.  She also shared some insight into working on the show which actually equates to the differences of working for ABC and PGP.  “There is a certain ease there (at ATWT). It’s really just about the show and the actors and what we’re doing there.  The larger world doesn’t make its presence known over there. You can just focus on the work you’re doing and the people you’re doing it with, as opposed to worrying so much about who’s seeing it and what they’re thinking.”

Soapdom welcomes McClain back to Oakdale. We can’t wait to see the storyline develop.