Happy 35th Annniversary OLTL

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Still strong 35 years later, capturing the moments.

David Fumero and Melissa Archer (Cristian and Natalie, OLTL)



One Life to Live Takes Us Back...

OLTL celebrates a milestone this month — its 35th anniversary — with a special episode on July 16.  Llanview revisits three decades of romance through the dreams of two of Llanview's newest lovers, Natalie and Cristian.

"Natalie's dreaming about her ideal wedding, and Cristian is dreaming about his," teases Melissa Archer, who plays Natalie.

While the bride-to-be envisions a perfect wedding at the country club, Cristian's vision is a casual family feast on the rooftop.

"They both go into a nightmare about each of those weddings," Archer continues. "Natalie's worried about how much they can afford for a wedding and where everyone's going to sit, and who sits with whom. There are obstacles because they do come from different backgrounds."

As Natalie frets over fitting in with the Vegas and her own new world as a Buchanan, she seeks guidance from her mother, Viki. "A lot of Natalie's questions are about the family she was never around," Archer says. "As Viki shares their past, you see memorable One Life to Live clips. There's Clint and Viki's wedding and scenes with Dorian — all these different things that have happened over the years."Will Natalie follow in the footsteps of mother, and make it down the altar for the first time? "Cristian hasn't actually made it through one wedding with anyone, so it will be interesting to see," jokes Archer. "They're going to have a lot to overcome, but I believe they can get through it."

More Anniversary Show Surprises

Clint Ritchie and Erika Slezak (Clint and Viki, OLTL)At least one veteran cast member is returning for the occasion. Clint Ritchie will reprise his role of Clint Buchanan for the episode, which will include scenes with several of the show's most popular couples.

Some of the moments included range from Viki (Erika Slezak) and Dorian's (Robin Strasser) passionate rivalry to favorite romances, unexpected arrivals and forbidden love affairs, plus a look at the handsome men and the families that make OLTL unique -- the Buchanans, Lords, Cramers, Gannons and Vegas.

"I am proud of the talented cast, crew and production staff that have made OLTL one of television's longest running institutions," says executive producer Frank Valentini. "I have had the good fortune to be a part of OLTL's team for half of those 35 years and look forward to the stories yet to be told." The show's creator shared the following: "OLTL is a wonderful show. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts -- it's a true ensemble," says Agnes Nixon. "I'm very, very proud of it."


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