GL’s Ricky Paull Goldin

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Goldin Knows What the Future Holds for Gus and Harley – But is He Talking?

Recently, Soapdom contributor, Angela Vizzie, had a few moments alone with Guiding Light’s Ricky Paull Goldin.  She found out that he knows where Gus and Harley are headed, but did she get him to spill the beans?

It 's easy to see why Ricky Paul Goldin (Gus, GL) is popular with fans. He is full of energy and showed a great sense of humor.  Did you know for example, that his favorite co-star ("Of all time?" he wanted to know.   So I said, sure, why not?) "Of all time, my favorite co-star is Yasmine Bleeth!"  (Unfortunately, he was called to the stage just as he was answering that question for me, so I wasn't able to get further detail...)  He also said "That Salerno guy (John Fiore) is a regular riot!"

When I caught up with him again, I got him to share his thoughts about current Guiding Light storylines, and the ones he liked the best.

"My favorite storyline right now...mmm, ‘Alan and the Spaulding nuthouse story!’" he said.  "I also like the story going on with Tammy and some of the younger characters."  Did he have any ideas for storylines?  Goldin thinks "it would be a GREAT storyline for Father Ray to question his faith!"  

But here is the clincher.  When I asked Goldin if he knew where Gus and Harley were headed, he confessed he DOES know what’s in store for the couple.  Like maybe even if (or when) Gus and Harley will actually get married!   But he absolutely cannot say anything about it he confided, because he hasn't been very good about that kind of thing in the past.  As a result, he has been threatened more than once already with the loss of his job for giving away too much inside scoop! 

What he did share was a story about his youth.  Goldin worked in a Barber Shop sweeping hair off of the floor.  At the Barber Shop he found a cool box and Tito, his boss there, gave him the box.  He started his own shoe-shining business, using the box to store the shoe-shining accouterments. 

Goldin moved to the United States between the age of 9 and 10.  Before that, he lived first in England and then in Ireland. 

As for whether Harley and Gus tie the knot, we will just have to tune in to see what happens next!